Everything About Jayanti Chauhan, Billionaire’s Daughter Who Refused To Take Over Rs 7000 Crore Bisleri

Jayanti Chauhan Bisleri

Ramesh Chauhan is the man behind the Thums Up, Gold Spot, and Limca brands in India. Ramesh has created a name for himself in the market. He profited greatly from selling his businesses to multinational corporations such as Coca-Cola. Furthermore, everyone is aware that Bisleri popularized the use of packaged mineral water in the industry. Bisleri International was a forerunner in the Aqua Green Revolution. He has now approached many companies about selling Bisleri, the country’s leading mineral water brand. According to reports, Tata Consumer Products Limited is the frontrunner to buy it. However, the agreement has not yet been finalized.


Why Ramesh Chauhan Is Selling Bisleri?

Ramesh Chauhan Bisleri Company

According to recent Bisleri reports, Tata Consumer Products Limited may purchase the brand for Rs 7,000 crore. The agreement has not yet been finalized. When asked about it, Ramesh Chauhan stated that the procedure is still being discussed. As per the reports, Bisleri is predicted to earn Rs 220 crore in profit in the fiscal year 2023. Furthermore, the company earned Rs 95 crore in 2021 and Rs 100 crore in 2020. Ramesh Chauhan was born in 1940 and is currently 82 years old. As you can see, he is elderly, and there is no one to look after the business.

Bisleri Company

Furthermore, the billionaire discloses that his daughter Jayanti Chauhan is not interested in the Bisleri company. According to reports, the business that acquires Bisleri will get control of the company. The current management will remain in place for the next two years. Furthermore, Chauhan has stated that he will not even retain minority ownership in the company. He intends to use the funds for plastic recycling, water harvesting, and charitable purposes.


Everything About Jayanti Chauhan

Jayanti Chauhan

Jayanti Chauhan is the only daughter of the businessman. She has completed a product development course. She has also finished a course at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Jayanti has also worked as a fashion stylist and studied fashion styling and photography in London. She is currently Bisleri’s vice-chairman. Furthermore, she joined the company at the age of 24 and is now 37 years old. Jayanti was indeed crucial in the company’s automation. She took over the Delhi office, where she began at the ground level. Ms. Chauhan has also reorganized the human resources, sales, and marketing divisions.

Jayanti Chauhan Ramesh Chauhan Bisleri

In 2011, she took over the Mumbai office. Ms. Chauhan is also responsible for the proper operation of Vedica Mineral Water, Fizzy Fruit Drinks, and Bisleri Hand Purifier. She is also very active in advertising and communication development at Bisleri. Jayanti also holds an Arabic degree from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. She enjoys traveling and caring for animals. Moreover, the director of the company is Ramesh Chauhan’s wife, Zainab.


More About The Bisleri Deal

Bisleri Acquired By Tata

If Bisleri’s agreement with TCPL is final, the Tata group will be the leader in the rapidly developing bottled water industry. Himalayan, TCPL’s packaged mineral water brand, already exists. As a result, it is already present in the bottled water segment and sells mineral water. In addition, Tata Copper Plus Water and Tata Gluco are present in the hydration area. Ramesh stated in an interview that the deal was not solely about money. He was more concerned with finding a home that would care for that as well as he did. This is because Bisleri is very dear to him.

Ramesh also said that selling Bisleri was “painful.” He believes the Tata Group will nurture and care for it even better. Ramesh embraces the Tata culture of values and integrity as well.

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