These Are The Top 10 Universities In India 2023

Several Indian Universities Got Featured

Top 10 Universities In India

Humans safely co-exist on planet earth for a long time is a major societal goal. And that goal is known as Sustainability. To teach the concepts, practices, and ideas of sustainability, there are several prominent institutes. Education is thriving in India in all fields, preparing students and citizens for tomorrow. One field among many is Sustainability. In order to measure which institutes are the top in the world with regard to imparting knowledge about social and environmental sustainability, the QS has prepared a list called The QS Sustainability Rankings 2023.

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Several prominent Institutes have been featured in the list of the QS Sustainability rankings for 2023. The report measured institutes’ capabilities to tackle the world’s greatest environmental, social, and governance challenges. If you are curious to know about the top 10 Indian institutes out of all 700 institutes that were featured, along with their scores, then here are the top 10 universities in India 2023.


1. Indian Institute Of Technology, Bombay

IIT Bombay

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, is one of the most revered institutes in India. Furthermore, if we talk about its overall rank as per the QS Sustainability rankings 2023, it lies between 281-300, with a score of 33.6 as a sustainable institution and a life quality score of 17.9. In addition, it is the number 1 institute in India on the list of top 10 universities in India 2023.


2. Indian Institute Of Technology, Delhi

Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi

Consequently, the second rank is of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Furthermore, its rank is between 321-340, its equality score comes to 13.4, and its sustainable education score comes to 34.3.


3. Jawaharlal Nehru University

Jawaharlal Nehru University

Jawaharlal Nehru University is another premium institute in India that made it to the list of top 10 universities in India 2023. Its overall rank is between 361-380, and its score as a sustainable institution is 47.8.


4. University Of Delhi

University Of Delhi

If the talk is about Indian institutes being ranked, how can the University of Delhi not make it to the list? Furthermore, coming back to the topic, the institution’s overall rank is between 381-400, with a score of 57.2 on sustainable education.


5. Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur

Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur Top 10 Universities In India

The fifth top-ranked institute in the list of the QS Sustainability rankings 2023 is IIT Kanpur. In addition, if we talk about their original ranks and scores, the overall rank is between 451-500 meanwhile, the score is 8.7.


6. Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee Top 10 Universities In India

IIT Roorkee also made it to the list. the institution has an overall ranking between 451-500. In addition, it has a score of 59.8 on employability and opportunities.


7. Aligarh Muslim University

Aligarh Muslim University

Aligarh Muslim University, situated in Uttar Pradesh, is the 7th top-ranked Indian institute on the list. Furthermore, its ranking is between 501-550. 9.7 is its score on the Impact of education criteria.


8. Jadavpur University

Jadavpur University

Situated in Kolkata, West Bengal, Jadavpur University is the only state-sponsored university to make it on the list. Furthermore, if we talk about its ranking, it falls in the range of 501-550.


9. Vellore Institute Of Technology

Vellore Institute Of Technology

Situated in the south, VIT is also a university featured on the list. Furthermore, talking about scores its knowledge-exchange score of 60. In addition to that, the overall ranking is between 501-550; this private university is ninth on the list.


10. Indian Institute Of Science

Indian Institute Of Science

The 10th top Indian institute on the list is the Indian Institute of Science. Its overall rankings range between 551-600.

Environmental sustainability was the major indicator on whose basis the rankings took place. The measures mostly were sustainable institutions, sustainable education, sustainable research, and social impact measures that include equality, knowledge exchange, educational impact, employability and opportunities, and quality of life. Furthermore, apart from the aforementioned, the other Indian institute that made it to the list were the Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur, Banaras Hindu University, BITS Pilani, IIT-Guwahati, and IIT-Madras.

Talking globally, the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) has been ranked as the world’s most sustainable university. What are your views on sustainability? Do tell us via the comments below.

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