This Is What Honesty Can Give You



Chandu is an entrepreneur. To get the workers, he gave an advertisement on newspaper. Thousands of people applied for the job. Here is the person Rajesh attended for this interview. He lost his parents at the very early age. Due to the support of his grandmother, he studied very well but he couldn’t get any job. His grandmother forced him to apply to this job.

Interview was over.

Chairman Chandu gave journey charges of 200 Rs/- to everyone who attended for the interview saying “who are all got selected will get offer letter and so you can join”.

Rajesh answered for all the questions that were asked in interview except for 2. Rest of the people was also very confident and answered questions. As company needs only 6 workers, Rajesh thought that he may not get his job and left the place.

Chairman Chandu came out of the interview room after sometime. By that time, Rajesh was standing outside to the room.

Seeing Rajesh, chandu got angry and said in a frustrated tone “We told that we will send call letter and why you are here still?”

Rajesh politely replied, “Sir, for journey charges the amount you have given is not 2 one hundred rupee notes, those are 2 five hundred rupee notes. I observed this after reaching bus stand so came back to give the money”




Chandu was so happy by seeing the honesty in Rajesh and said “we want people like you” by the way, what is your name?

Rajesh replied with an excitement tone, “Sir, my name is Rajeshkumar”

Chandu said, “I am over whelmed with your honesty. Come and join tomorrow”.

Rajesh returned home and narrated whole the scenario to his grandmother. She felt happy as his honesty was paid well.


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