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These Things Women Say To Men That Make Them Feel Uncomfortable

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5. Constant Talking About Your Ex

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Nothing says “I’m not over my ex” like a date where you chat about him a lot. It also doesn’t matter if you’re comparing the date to your ex in a positive light. Besides, it’s difficult to blame them for being scared away; no one wants to be treated like a second-class citizen by an ex!


6. Thinking About Last Names

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Some ladies take it to such an extreme that it might frighten anyone! You can’t put his last name and your first name together after a few dates. If you want to, you can do it in your thoughts (not recommended), but never say it aloud. Men are already wary of commitment, let alone after only a few dates!


7. Giving Nicknames

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After you’ve been together for a time, nicknames sound sweet. But, for anyone, doing so immediately at the start might be creepy. Distorting his name isn’t always a good idea, and words like baby, pie, and Shona are a big-time no-no!


8. Not Having Any Friends Or Hobbies

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This will put guys off because it’s challenging to feel like you’re a partner’s only life. Guys, on the other hand, prefer someone who is versatile and can complement their current lifestyle. They will be scared away and feel uncomfortable if you appear to have no hobbies or life outside of men.

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