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These Things Women Say To Men That Make Them Feel Uncomfortable

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Women frequently complain that guys may be creepy, which is a tremendous turnoff, especially when dating. But did you know that even women can make men uncomfortable and drive them away by saying certain things? Some of those unnerving exchanges between ladies make men back off. Here are few things women say to men that make them feel uncomfortable.


1. Matching Clothes

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It’s okay to be a little mushy, but don’t go overboard. After months of dating and being comfortable enough to ask your man to do this, it’s okay, but not at first. When asked to dress in the same clothes as their partner, most guys feel less masculine and embarrassed.


2. Talking About Marriage Quickly

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It’s cliched, yet it happens. Women who bring up marriage and children too early in a date are frequently surprised when men abandon them. Guys are apprehensive of the possibility of being used as a means to a goal. They’ll flee if they think you’re more interested in a wedding or a baby than they are.


3. Portraying The Man As A Father Figure

Strange Things Men Cannot Understand About Women

It’s acceptable to think about it in your head, but saying out loud, “You’re like my father,” is creepy for most men. First and foremost, are you claiming that you have feelings for your father? Second, you’re implying that you might have father issues, which is exactly what men don’t want to deal with in the early stages of dating.


4. Asking For Social Media Passwords

Strange Things Men Cannot Understand About Women

It’s possible you’re not even aware of it, but if you are and you’re still asking for it, it’s downright disturbing. You should not ask for passwords even if you are married to someone. The value of privacy and limits cannot be overstated.

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