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10 Things That Confirms Whether Your Boyfriend Truly Loves You or Not


True love is really beautiful. And not everyone gets that so easily. Most of the teenagers couldn’t understand the difference between infatuation and love. And it’s one of the facts that girls fall in love with what they hear and boys fall in love with what they see.

Whatever it is, one question always pop ups in girl’s mind, whether he really loves me or not. When it comes to men, actions really do speak louder than words. If your boyfriend does these 10 things, then he truly loves you

1. The everyday morning text


If he is texting good morning to you every day, then it means you are surely the first thing in his mind. Even before his day begins, he wants you to be in it and that’s a sure sign of love.

2. The moment he sees you, his troubles disappear


Whether he has a bad day or good day or super tired due to work, he gets a smile on his face when he sees you. You are the light of his life and be proud of it.

3. He doesn’t mind going out of his way to make your life easier


You know how a woman will often complain about her husband being lazy and not wanting to help out? Well, she’s only complaining because, once upon a time, that same man went out of his way to make her life easier. He would pick her up from out of his way when she needed a ride. He went to the store and picked up whatever she needed without her having to beg or argue with him. He didn’t mind being worse off as long as she was better off.

4. He listens to you with lot of patience


Some girls talk endlessly. If a guy is truly interested in you, he will listen to anything you say with patience. He never complains that you talk too much as he knows you look lovely when you speak your heart out.

5. He always respects your opinion


If you say anything about his haircut, clothes, or randomly something related to worldly affairs as well then he will take your opinion into consideration.

6. He gives you the better pillow


He gives you the side of the bed you like to sleep on, even though it’s the same side he likes to sleep on. He gives you the better half because he believes that you are his better half.

7. He remembers important dates


Yes, if your boyfriend remembers important dates like anniversaries, birthdays etc then it means the dates that you influenced his life are very important to him as well.

8. He surprises you for no reason


He won’t wait for any special occasion to surprise you. Sometimes he shows up at your doorstep with cupcakes that you really like or he manages to drop by at your workplace for lunch. These little things are sure signs that your man is falling for you.

9. He enjoys the things you like


He likes to accompany you because he cares about your interests.

10. He tries to protect you at his best


He may not be a fighter but if he sees you in danger, he tries his best to protect you.  He feeds you. He checks up on you. He is always there when you are feeling down or under the weather.

When a man cares for you better than he cares for himself, he loves you. Boys usually won’t cry. But if a boy cries for a girl then it means she is the only world to him and he does anything for her. No one can love you more than him.

Isn’t it true? What do you say? Share us in the comments.

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