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10 Things Men Do To Make Their Girl Love Them Even More




"Losing the game of hearts to her to win the win the game of life with her", someone has said it very correctly for someone very special. And winning her heart everyday just makes it more special. But what exactly it takes to do that. To melt a woman's heart, to make her fall for you. Well it's a gentlemanly thing, and kind of difficult, but if you are loyal by heart and love her truly, she is surely going to be yours, whether it's sooner or later. So this time around, we are talking about 10 things men do to make their girl's heart melt and love them even more-


1. Giving Her Surprises

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A life full of surprises, who wouldn't fall for that? And if you are that guy who loves giving surprises to his partner then you are the man! Bigger surprises are seldom not costly, and lack originality. Though equally necessary, it's the small surprises of daily life which make her day. Make a portrait of her. Or keep her a lovely nickname. Perhaps plan the future. Help her in household chores. Buy a small gift, such as a pendent for her. Wish her morning in a different way. Or take her outside for dinner. And see her joy knowing no bounds.


2. Read A Book For Her


Is she having cold? Or is unable to sleep? Just sit beside her or take her on call and read some nice little story for her. And in no time, you two will be lost in the dreams of each other. And the mornings, they are just going to be ever more memorable.


3. Cooking With Her


Coming late from the office. Sitting on the couch and resting. Coming late from the office. Heads towards to kitchen to prepare dinner. Yeah, the former one might be you, and the latter one is her. Just go to the kitchen, hold her hands, appreciate her, and try your hands at cooking with her. Make the dough. Or cut the veggies. Or cook the veggies. And your daily curry and bread is just going to taste so different. Try it!


4. Give Her Presents For No Reason


Is it her birthday? Or anniversary? No? So why a present? Well because everyone gives presents on such days. But you are not everyone, you got to make your girl feel special. Someday come home with her favorite necklace. Ask her to turn behind, close her eyes with your hands and present her the present. And the smile on her face, her overjoyed reaction, and that tight hug she will give you, it's gonna make your day and add a new spark to your love life.


5. Kissing Her Forehead


And this one is one is the most amazing things which can happen to a woman. A kiss on the forehead sometimes is way too powerful than a kiss on the lips. You will see her eyes close and feel every moment of that kiss with you. Look into her eyes, and she will look into yours. And both of your hearts are going to melt into one.


6. Make Her Feel Safe


Whenever you are around her, ensure that she feels safe and secure. If you make her feel comfortable, she is going to love u even more. Don't let her feel isolated, even when you both are hanging out with your friends. Stay together and look perfect. Well that's the key. It's too late, drop her home. Long distance relationship? No problem, take her on call. Travelling in a bus together? Hold her, hug her. And the best part, she is gonna fall in love with you every single day. And so will you be.


7. Sing A Song For Her

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You don't need to be any great singer like Ed Shereen. The sound doesn't matter much, its just the love. Though do take care of the lyrics. And when you are done, just bring her closer, tell her how much you love her, and when you both are lost in each other, start singing a song for her. A slow and romantic song for her and see wonders happen.


8. Couple Dance

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Yes, a couple dance. Just switch on your music box, play her favorite song, and there you are. Audience or no audience, doesn't matter. Because in your 'we' time, only the love matters, everything else is unreal.


9. Introduce Her To Your Circle

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Make it a point to introduce her to your friends circle, your family and relatives. Slowly but gradually. Talk about her, appreciate her, even if she is at fault, support her. And that look on her face, beaming of love and shyness, is going to make you realize that you are her man, her true better half.


10. The Proposal Of Love

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Last but never the least, propose her. And it's not a one time thing. Keep proposing her. In different ways. At different places. Be it online. Or be it over the call or face to face, or in your favorite coffee shop. And it's surely going to keep your love afresh. Keep expressing your feelings to her, and she is gonna forget all her problems and love you.

It's upto you how much you can make your girl feel special. Yeah it's never easy to do all these things, balancing love life and career. But again truly said- "Where there is love, there is a way".

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