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Everyone has expectations. But in the case of Parents, they just expect too much. Though we try hard or at least pretend to try hard to fulfill their expectations, not every single expectation of theirs can be fulfilled. Here are a few things which parents commonly expect and what we actually do.


1. Numero Uno

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Generally Desi Parents want their kids to ace every test and exam and be a book worm but chill yo, not everyone is supposed to be a nerd or a bookworm. Everyone is unique in their own way and have their own talents. They want us to be the topper in class or the whole institute, but nope, we have other ideas.


2. Be Jovial Around Relatives


Well, we would consider sticking around with them if they weren’t nosy assholes. Let’s just say that we like to keep out things to ourselves and mind our own business.

“Hey, I found your nose!”


“It was buried deep in my business!”


3. Do The Chores


Keep your room clean, arrange your cupboard, do this, do that…..*eye rolls* It sometimes gets tiring. Parents get so bossy at times and want us to keep everything arranged and stuff. It’s our room okay? It’s the place where we chill not a place to exhibit how neat and arranged we can be.


4. Don’t Use The Cellphone Much


*cleans room*

*does homework*

*studies for test*

*does dishes*

*Phone Beeps*

 *checks phone*



5. Engineer or Doctor


Parents want us to have a “secure life” like Sharma Uncle’s daughter or Raj Uncle’s son. Life is about taking risks. You can lead a secure life but will you be happy? That’s the real deal here.


6. Wake Up Early

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It is not really necessary to wake way earlier to be successful. If you know what you’re doing and if you’re doing it right, you will be successful. This is a major issue between our parents and us.


7. Oiled And Kempt Hair


Some parents are so obsessed with the oily and kempt hair issue. It’s good to oil the hair as it has its benefits but it would be nice if they gave us the freedom to sport out hairstyles of our own taste.


8. This Dress Is Better

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Nope. Nope. Nope. Parents want us to dress in the 90s style but we like to stick to the trendy clothes. But it is okay when parents stop you if your clothes aren’t doing their job. Clothes are to cover yourself…I’mma stop there before you judge me to be a sanskar propagator.


9. Marry a Rich Spouse/ Be friends With The Topper

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THIS. We don’t need that. We’re fine being ourselves and learning/doing things by ourselves.


10. Take Care Of Your Younger Siblings


It’s not like they’re innocent little angels who fell from heaven two hours ago and don’t know how this place works. They are often eviler than us and they end up framing us in so many things. It’s our duty and we know, don’t stress it okay?!


Well, Parents expectations and their never ending desi drama has no boundaries but this article does. You can check more desi drama here. Let us know your parent’s funniest expectation in the comments below! But no matter what, Parents are the best! 


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