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Things You Should Avoid Doing When You Have A Crush On Someone – Life Saver


We have all had hopeless crushes at some point in our lives. We tend to do a lot of crazy and weird things which sometimes forces them to drive us away. “Shoo! Shoo!” *sigh* Here is a list of things which you should try to avoid while trying to hook up with your crush.

1. Forcing Them To Like You!


It is one of the worst things you do while having a crush! Forcing someone is really unhealthy but hey, in your defense, love makes everyone crazy. It’s fine if you did it by mistake. Now you know, so stop! You can’t forcibly induce feelings in anyone. The only feeling you will successfully trigger is creeping them out.

2. Staring Continuously


I know it feels great to check them out always and they look so cute and attractive but staring can make them uneasy and might cause them to misjudge you as a creep. Checking them out is okay but staring is not! At least don’t get caught if you can’t help it. Dark Coolers and standing in a crowd might help. But usually people can sense when someone is staring. So quit staring!

3. Do Not Lie About Your Interests


Ikr, we’d go that far for our crush. We would lie about sharing common interests just so they’ll like you but you are going to suffer when they invite you or make you do something that you lied to love doing. Be bold and be yourself!


4. Do Not Be Available All The Time

Any Imgurian having a bad day I'm always available to talk to those who need it ♥ - Imgur

When your crush texts or calls, adrenaline kicks in and you feel so tempted but HOLD YOUR HORSES! Play it cool, take at least a few minutes to reply. It’s not like you’re playing hard to get but if you make yourself available all the time for them, they’ll probably land up thinking that you have nothing else to do. It’s okay to be instant after the conversation starts but do not reply when the notification that they are typing pops up on your screen!


5. Do Not Manipulate Or Cajole

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When you are smarter than your crush you tend to manipulate and cajole them into things. Might work now but will mess things up in the long run. Hey, the sea is full of fishes so let go if they don’t like you. *whispers* “I’m lying”.


6. Do Not Over Stalk Them!


Everything within limits is okay. Likewise, stalking is okay but super stalking them is not okay. You might creep them out and sometimes it might end in a bad way. Unless your camouflage and hiding skills are Ninja level, quit stalking them. 

7. Do Not Add Their Friends And Family


This might seem like a nice thing to do but it is a major red flag! Adding her circles and trying to be known amongst them just so your chances of hooking up with them increases is creepy and weird. Doing things as such scare them away! Do not invade their privacy, respect them.

8. Do Not Act Different Around Them

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Do not try to pretend to be someone you’re not for them. It’s nice that you’d go that far for them but being yourself is the best! Be confident. Be Yourself. Most of the times when you pretend to be someone you’re not – it either looks funny or weird.


9. Do Not Exaggerate!


Exaggerating is not cool. Sooner or later they might find out that you lied and it will make you look super dumb that time. So save yourself from awkward moments and be honest. Lying is NOT COOL.

10. It’s Okay To Be In The Friendzone

Yep, if she friendzones you or starts dating someone else, respect her and move on. It is okay, time heals everything. You might feel like you’ll never move on from her in the beginning but that’s the same way you felt when you had a crush on that girl from yoga class, that girl you met at the theatre and that cute girl in your apartment. It is fine, get her out of your system and move on if things go bad!


Well, that’s a few ‘Not to Do’s’ for you when you have a crush. Trust me mate, I’ve done all the weird stuff listed above and I’ve put this article together with my own experience. Let me know about the weird stuff you’ve done which you hope you never did in the comments below!


Dear Crush

If you’re reading this, sincere apologies for doing all the mentioned above. Well,  at least I learnt what not to do now. Sorry that you had to be the lab rat. Your tolerance has paid off, I am now able to educate other lads. Do feel honored.

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