What are the Things Muslims can do in India However Not in Different Nations?



Muslims are allowed to do everything legitimate which every citizen in this nation appreciates.


A few things delighted by Muslims in India are-

No Sharia law


One of the greatest alleviation for a Muslim here is the absence of the law,

Muslims realize that as a religion they are bound by Sharia laws, but hone here at individual level only, with no official upon them by state. Though this law makes least wrongdoing rates additionally is old and hasn't changed in 1400 years.

Laws of theft, murder and so on are exceptionally harsh, with likewise confinements on each parts of life, see case of other countries which tails this law.


Different gatherings or belief systems under a same rooftop


There are numerous gatherings or belief systems in Islam, the major being Shia and Sunni's, while in different nations there is a mess of partition and battle between these two over force and control, we appreciate living respectively peacefully though Shia-Sunni battles are there however extremely uncommon.

There are individuals taking after Wahabism, Sufism all under the same rooftop with no support to one over the other.


Freedom of ladies


Indian Muslim ladies are free and preferable off over the vast majority of the other countries, they appreciate rise to rights, are educated, stand at standard with men, take their own choices, have no limitations of wearing Hijab or drive or vote.


Freedom of one's perspectives and discourse


Any Muslim in India has flexibility to keep his perspective point and talk his mind, even on the off chance that it is against the religion and can censure the laws or fatwas went by pastors.


Freedom of religion


Yes, in India a Muslim is qualified for change his religion freely, on his own particular will.

This makes us feel glad that India really acts as mainstream state and carries on the same towards every one of its subjects.

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