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10 Common Things Which Creates Fight Between Life Partner

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Marriage is a sacred bond of love, care, trust, support and mutual understanding. If the relationship lacks any one of these, it makes life miserable and horrible. Technology is taken to a higher step in such a way that it is separating humans from humans. Because of hectic schedules, job timings and with increased cost of living both wife and husband must go for job. They return home almost at the same time and thus due to lack of proper balance, the life after marriage is becoming miserable. Here are the common things which create a fight between life partner.

1. Lack Of Care

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Spending time on social media platforms. Developing digital connections and ignoring physical meetings. 

2. Financial Matters


Money is very sensitive matter. Deal it very carefully. If wife earns more than husband, then it leads to so many egoistic problems. If husband or wife is a spendthrift, then there is always fight goes on between them.

3. Things In Zigzag Manner


It gives immense anger to the person if the things are not kept where it is taken from. Any of you in this sort of fight ?

4. Poor Memory


Women are very sensitive that they expect their partner to wish for their birthday and small surprises on marriage anniversary and for some important occasions. If partner fails to remember the important dates, then that will be the end of the day.

5. Lack Of Little Bit Appreciation


Woman tackles both job work and house work. In such cases, she deserves a little bit of appreciation in cooking and other house work.  She expects a little bit of compliment when a new saree is worn. 

6. Third Person Affair


Whether it is a man or a woman, no one can bear an illegal affair with other woman or man. If this is noticed, the fight takes to next level called divorce and God save you.

7. Lack Of Maintaining Privacy Or Social Romance


These days married couple are not aware of what things to post on face book and what not, like what to do and what not to do. For example, giving likes to other girl’s photos on face book will also cause problems who have suspicious mentality. Posting messages related to spouse, using social media as a platform to point out mistakes. Technology spoils relationships in many ways. So, it is recommended to take utmost care.

8. Ignoring The Person


When a person is physically present and listening to you or talking to you, it is highly advisable to give your time to hear it, stop mocking.

9. Lack Of Trust


Trust is the main source of any relationship. This factor is more important in the case of life partners. If wife or husband comes to know that other one is lying then it breaks that trust bond. Once it is damaged, the relationship completely spoils.


10. Not Sharing Household Work


Stop the old mentality of having wife to do everything. Its not like olden days, Women are educated and so do job. Share the house hold work along with her. 

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In addition to above all, do exercise and be fit or else


And stop mockering at other girls at least after marriage.


And don’t shout at each other for anything



Marriage is all about compromises and sacrifices but one should respect that. In both cases, because boys also sacrifice after marriage. One should not feel that doing something will spoil environment at home, because if that feeling comes than one will start hiding and situations become more complicated. If praise is must than accepting criticism is also necessary. Life is very small, give each other their own space. Enjoy Life, Don’t make it complicated.

Know any other fight issues?? Share us in the comments.

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