Things From The 90s Decade That Will Make You Nostalgic But Is Expensive Now

Things From 90s That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

Things From The 90s That Became Expensive

In the history of the world, 30-years-ago seems like a short period. However, in the lives of humans, lots of changes come up in that period. The 90s decade indeed, was an era that was different from our own, and it feels so recent to some that you may not have realized.

The 90s and nostalgia go hand in hand. Anyone who grew up during the 90s will likely attest that they miss their vintage days. Those days were when there were no smartphones, and everything was lively and fun. Unlike today’s generation, everything for the 90s kids was about trendy food and toys. So today, we are here to take our Generation Z on a trip back in time. Here is a list of the top things of the 90s decade that will make you nostalgic but are expensive now.


1. Radium Stickers

Radium Stickers 90s

Every 90s kid had a shiny room at night, all thanks to the radium stickers. These stickers mostly used to come as star-shaped and used to shine ever so brightly. Every 90s kid’s ceiling used to be adorned with it. But you would be surprised to know that it now costs as much as Rs. 150 for a packet of just 5 radium stars and moons.


2. Beyblade


If you are a 90s kid, then you know what Beyblades are. The Beyblade battle used to be the most fun game ever. Every 90s kid used to collect them as souvenirs, but you rarely can do that now, considering they cost as much as Rs. 350-400 per Beyblade set.


3. Phantom Sweet Cigarette Candy

Phantom Sweet Cigarette Candy 90s

If you are not a 90s kid, don’t get all worked up with the word Cigarette. Phantom sweet Cigarette was an all-time favorite candy for the 90s kids. It looks exactly like a cigarette, but you can eat it and taste it deliciously sweet. Unfortunately, what used to be sold at a mere 1 rupee now costs Rs. 240 per packet, which only has 24 sticks.


4. Bubble Maker

Bubble Maker

Bowling bubbles were a thing for the 90s kids. So much so that many of them used to make DIYs for it with the help of shampoos. The fanciest of bubble makers that used to cost a mere 10 bucks now take a significant amount of at least Rs. 200 with different varieties.


5. Pencil Box

Pencil Box

Having a Pencil box used to be a dream come true for the 90s kids. This jumbo pencil box contains all your essentials, and you can stack as many pens and stationeries as you want. Of course, if any 90s kid sees today’s kid using this multi-storage pencil box, they feel super nostalgic until they hear the money it costs. What was sold at 50 bucks or so now is sold at 150-300 bucks.


6. WWE Trump Cards

WWE Trump Cards

WWE used to be a craze, and it still is but not so much. Playing with and collecting their trump cards was an even more prevalent thing. Although you would be shocked to know that they cost as much as 300 rupees a pack in today’s world.


7. Flair Multi Color Pen

Flair Multi Color Pen

Flair Multi Color Pen was a thing that used to give off a good ‘main character’ feel. Four in one pen and even six in one pen was a delight. With so many colors in just a pen, it was fun to use it. They used to be very cheap, but today they cost around Rs. 100.


8. Clear Bag Folders

Clear Bag Folders

Remember when we used to keep project reports or practicals in a clear bag folder? Keeping your test sheets, certificates, or any important form inside it was a thing. They used to come in different colors and cost only Rs 2 then. However, now the price of it rises to Rs 30.


9. Add Gel Pen

Add Gel Pen

Kids love using and collecting pens in school, Gel Pens, to be exact. But you’d not be surprised to know that it costs as much as Rs. 200-300 and even more today.

These are the things that are super nostalgic for the 90s kids. The 90s kids will always remember them!

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