These Classic Indian Ads From The 90s Will Make You Nostalgic

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Believe it or not, the generation of the 90s has seen the most transformation. It was the time when things started to change. Right from the rise of the television, telephones, rise of mobiles, computers, the internet, sports, T20s, the people born in the 90s are lucky to see all the transformations. There are many Indian ads we have seen in the 90s that were amazing. Even many of the recent ads of the present cannot erase the memory of those ads. Let us see the classic Indian ads from the 90s that will make you nostalgic.


1. Action

Remember this ad of action shoes? The lines School time, action ka school time was very famous. It was the favorite shoes of many children.


2. Nerolac

Jab Ghar Ki Raunak Badhani Ho, Deewaro ko Jab Sazaana Ho, Nerolac, Nerolac. We are sure many of you still remember this classic Indian ad of Nerolac.


3. Frooti

Remember, Mango Frooti, Fresh, and Juicy. A time when mango drink was only Frooti.


4. Liril

The ad of soap Liril was quite famous.


5. Dhara Oil

Many of you will still feel hungry after watching this old classic ad of Dhara refined oil. One of the most classical Indian ads of that time.

Praneet Samaiya
the authorPraneet Samaiya