Sonu Sood Became Relationship Guru For The Migrant Couple Who Wants Divorce

Sonu Sood Relationship Guruvia

Due to lockdown, many migrant workers and students stuck in several parts of the country. Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood has been a knight in shining armor for many people. He is helping migrant workers return to their home towns from Mumbai amid the lockdown for the past two months through his Ghar Bhejo initiative. Sonu has not only road lift, rail lift, but also airlift many migrants from various parts of the country. Recently Sonu Sood airlifts 177 girls from Ernakulam, Kerala to Bhubaneswar, Odisha, and from Uttrakhand. Sonu Sood is quite active on social media and also connecting people in the micro-blogging site Twitter.

Sonu Sood Airlifts Girls

Recently, a person tweeted Sonu Sood and wrote that he wants to take a divorce from his wife and got frustrated. He tweeted,

@SonuSood dear sir I m in Assam Guwahati Want to go Haryana Rewari my own town no work after lockdown suffering with so many issue even fighting with wife now both decide to take divorce pls mange and send me from Guwahati to Delhi I would be thankful for whole life.”

Sonu Sood replied to him and brilliantly handled this matter. He became a relationship guru and gave a good piece of advice. Sonu Sood wrote,

“Hey.. pls don’t fight🙏 Don’t let the tough times affect this precious bond. I promise to take u both out for dinner and will speak to you Tom on a video call too. But only if u promise to stay together.”


It is a fantastic gesture from Sonu, isn’t it? Not only this, but he has also provided meals to thousands of underprivileged people, and his Mumbai hotel for the accommodation of the healthcare workers. Previously, he has donated over 1500 PPE kits doctors across Punjab.


The actor has shown generosity and console many and assured them that they would meet their family soon. Man, what a gentleman he is. We have massive respect for you brother Sonu Sood. Janab, Us Yug Se Is Kalyug Me Kaha Se Aa Gaye Aap.

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Praneet Samaiya
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