These Two Men Got Married Beautifully In A South Indian Style – You Should Check This Out!


Love crosses all boundaries, be it cultural, mental or geographical. These two men got married in a very beautiful ceremony.  

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John McCane and Salaphaty Rao met on a group for LGBT Hindus on Facebook and almost instantly fell in love. John McCane lives in the U.S and Salaphaty Rao lives in Australia. 


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They both claim that their bond strengthened when they both decided to visit India together a couple of years ago. They mentioned that it was a trip with only platonic intentions but after the experiences that they shared together, they found out that they were indeed meant to be. They even shared their love for traveling and Hinduism. 


Rao proposed to McCane in Ohio and they got unofficially engaged in a temple. They marked the engagement with a ring and a rainbow colored sacred thread, which is truly adorable.  


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They recently had an official engagement which showed the world that it was indeed the start of a beautiful journey. What is mesmerizing is that they followed the Telugu tradition!

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They have planned on getting married in the U.S sometime next year and what they do not know is that they have almost the entire world rooting for their wedding! Looks like magical love stories really do happen. Love has no gender. 

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We must all support marriages of all kinds. It is true that love surpasses all boundaries. 

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