These Are The 10 Simple Text Abbreviations You Should Know How To Use

Simple Text Abbreviations

Understanding text abbreviations is like IJBOL and is no longer simply a tech tip. Once you learn them, you’ll be using them in your everyday life. It isn’t easy to imagine texting without abbreviations nowadays. But have you ever wondered how these text abbreviations became an essential part of texting? Here’s the answer: Before smartphones, texters had a limited number of characters, i.e., 160. And every text required money to send. Continue reading to know more about the abbreviations we use today.


Why Do We Use Abbreviations Nowadays?

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Typing with just your thumbs is slower than typing on a regular keyboard. Before the keyboard phones, you had to repeatedly punch the number matching the desired letter. Therefore, typing the whole word was just inconvenient. Thus, it became a common practice to reduce words and sentences.

You might be wondering what an abbreviation is. An abbreviation is a group of letters, short for a word or group of phrases. These are so frequent in texting that many of them have migrated beyond text discussions.


Some Text Short Cuts You Probably Didn’t Know

Public WiFi


No, this abbreviation has nothing to do with the four-legged animal. The term GOAT stands for “Greatest Of All Time.”

2. TMI

This abbreviation is widely known by texters and in the world outside of texting. This stands for “Too Much Information.”


This one is a common response to long-winded, rambling opinion pieces. This stands for “Too Long, Didn’t Read.”


This one might have confused you on Facebook and Instagram. But this abbreviation simply means “In Case You Missed It.”

5. NP/YW

NP is a logical response that indicates, “No Problem.” Similarly, YW stands for “You’re Welcome.”

6. YNK

Scratching your head already? “You Never Know” what the abbreviation stands for.

7. NBD

You have probably seen this all over the internet and text messages. This abbreviation can easily make people scratch their heads. But not yours! NBD stands for “No Big Deal”.

8. LMK

This one translates as “Let Me Know”. You can simply use this as “LMK when you know.”


This one is a social media equivalent of bringing receipts. IIRC is an acronym that means “If I Recall Correctly.”

10. NVM

Well, the three-letter abbreviation is for only two words. “Never Mind.”

These acronyms would help you help you become cool while texting. Which abbreviations have you used before? Do let us know your favorite abbreviations in the comment section below. Stay tuned for further updates.

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