Meta Unveils AudioCraft: An AI Tool That Turns Text Into Audio And Music


Is AI taking over human jobs? Are people being unemployed because of AI? On Wednesday, Meta Platforms announced a new open-source artificial intelligence tool. Named AudioCraft, this can create music and audio based on simple text prompts. The tool is powered by three models, AudioGen, EnCodec, and MusicGen. Moreover, the company claims that MusicGen was trained by Meta using only company-owned and licensed music. Continue reading to learn more about the AI tool.


AudioCraft Creating Music From Scratch

Meta AudioCraft Tunes

Meta claims that MusicGen can create music from text prompts, whereas AudioGen can generate audio from text prompts. Additionally, the EnCodec decoder can help in producing high-quality music. It uses AI to assist in audio compression that outperforms the MP3 format.

These models are pre-trained and can generate environmental sound. For example, a dog’s bark or sirens from vehicles. This model would be available to researchers to train their model via their database. The company hopes that the AudioCraft model will serve as a helpful tool for musicians and sound designers shortly.

Meta is currently working on improving the current models and adding improvements. Further, they aim to beg able to explore new compositions without having to play a single note on instruments.

Meta has been pushing to bring AI-powered tools to the masses in competition with OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft.


Meta’s AI

Meta AI Tool Audiocraft

Meta believes that AI for images, videos, and text has experienced much growth and excitement. Whereas on the other hand, AI for audio seems to lad.

The release of AudioCraft signifies a significant leap in AI-based audio generation. Further, making it a valuable tool for musicians and sound designers. Notably, Meta’s AudioCraft launch came shortly after Alphabet’s introduction of its own experimental audio-generating tool. The tool is known as MusicLM.

The tools proved to be seemingly helpful for musicians and sound designers. It even helps small business owners to create sounds for their advertisements for various social media platforms. Such AI tools are useful for some people, but on the flip side, they threaten many’s livelihoods. What do you think about these tools? Are they a blessing or a boon? Let us know your thoughts on the abovementioned topic in the comment section. We’re waiting for your response. Moreover, stay tuned for further updates.

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