These Tamil Wedding Rituals Make The Marriage Ceremony Ecstatic

Tamil Wedding Ritualsvia

6. Kanyadanam


The ritual kanyadanam is very common in northern states of India and is also performed in Tamil weddings. In this ritual, the bride is handed over to the groom to take care of her for long eternity. The custom followed to hand over her is quite interesting. The groom is asked to be seated on the designated spot. The bride is seated on her father’s lap, and the coconut is placed on her hands. The bride and her father together holding the coconut and handed it over to the groom. It symbolizes the bride is given to the groom to look after her as her father.


7. Muhurtham

Tamil Wedding Rituals

The muhurtham is the most important ritual in the wedding ceremony. It is the starting point from where the couple is going to unite together and lead a life. In this auspicious ritual, the groom applies kumkum between the partings of the bride’s hair. After that, the groom ties a Mangalsutra which is blessed by the priest, around the bride’s neck with the help of his sister. The first two knots are put by the groom, and the third and final one is put by the groom’s sister.


8. Saptapadi


The saptapadi is the most common ritual that happens at Indian weddings. During which, the bride and the groom will go around the sacred fire seven times by holding the hands of each other. The priest will chant the Vedic mantras, which summarize the seven sacred vows of marriage. It symbolizes the beginning of the couple’s journey as husband and wife. After that, the groom holds the left toe as she steps over a grindstone. It shows the strength of their union.


9. Sammandhi Mariyathai

Sammandhi Mariyathai

Sammandhi Mariyathai is one of the post-wedding rituals performed between the bride’s and groom’s families. In this ritual, both the families exchange gifts and share gratitude between them. It is the time for the bride to say goodbye to her childhood home and to start a new life with her husband.


10. Gruhaprevesam

Gruhapravesam Tamil Wedding

The Gruhapravesam is another common ritual performed in several parts of India. The custom following here is when the groom and bride reach the groom’s house; the groom’s family welcomes the bride. The groom’s mother takes a small aarti and allows the bride to enter the house, and ask her to seek the blessings of the family god first.

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