Puri Becomes India’s First City To Get 24×7 Clean ‘Drink From Tap’ Water Facility

Drink From Tap Sujal Mission Purivia

Now the tap drinking water is available 24×7 in Puri. Puri is called a temple town in Odisha. Puri is the first city in the nation to get the facility of drinking water from a government tap. It is made available through the ‘Drink from tap’ project. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik virtually inaugurated the ‘Drink from tap’ project on Monday. This project has been implemented under Sujal Mission.

Sujal Mission

The Sujal Mission was started on October 13, 2020, to provide quality tap drinking water for people in all urban areas of the states. It has a 24/7 helpline center with IVRS for grievance redressal, a mobile water testing laboratory, and complaints handling team. This initiative of the Odisha government comes under the 5T governance mantra.


Odisha ‘Drink From Tap’ Or ‘Sujal’ Mission

Sujal Mission Odisha

This 24 hours tap drinking water will benefit the 2.5 lakh local people and about 2 crore tourists visiting this temple city annually. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik also said that ‘Puri has become the first city in the nation to implement this kind of project during the inauguration of this project.  It supplies quality tap drinking water to the people of Puri. Hereafter, people no need to store water or filter. They can drink it directly from the tap.

The government has installed 400 water fountains across the states. He also said the 20 million tourists are visiting annually, and they no need to carry water bottles with them while traveling in Puri. He added that this project would eliminate the usage of 3 crore plastic water bottles. This results in freeing the wastage of 400 tonnes of plastic and make the city clean.

By implementing this project, the temple town Puri also joins the league of global cities like London, Singapore, and New York, and it is a pride to all of us, Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister asked the people not to waste or pollute the water. He said that the budget for implementing this has been doubled in the last five years and has reached Rs 4000 crore today from the budget of Rs 200 crore.

Sujal Mission

Pratap Jena, a Minister of Housing and Urban Development who also attended the function, highlighted the various development programs being implemented by the government and said that the 24 hours tap drinking water is also being implemented in all the cities in Odisha.

Women shelf Help groups have been designated as “Jalsaathis,” and they have a major role in the project’s success, he said.

Underprivileged women from Self Help Groups which is a part of Mission Shakthi designated as Jalsaathis. They have been hired as key community link between the public and the government on a performance-based and incentive-linked program. It further adds to Odisha’s long-standing commitment to women’s empowerment and inclusion.

Drink From Tap Mission Puri

It is expecting that project may be completely implemented by March 2022. After that, the temple town Puri becomes the first city in India to supply tap drinking water with pure quality. Thus, it benefits the city people lot from a plastic-free city to bottle-free tourist and can drink water without filtering or heating.

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