70 Yrs Old Odisha Man Carves Out A 3km Water Canal Through Mountain In 3 Years

Odisha Man Carves Water Canal Through Mountainvia

The inhabitants of the Talabaitarani village in the Banspal block of Odisha’s Keonjhar district were at their wit’s end due to the lack of water in the area, which led to repeated crop failure. The erratic rains only added to their misery.


Odisha’s Manjhi

But a 70-year-old farmer overcame the difficulties of hundreds of people from his village.  Daitari Nayak, a 70-year-old farmer, was determined to resolve this issue somehow. He figured out that a stream that came out from Gonasika mountains could be a source of water and got to work. Daitari thought this will help the people of his village and end their suffering from water scarcity. He thought that this canal would get plenty of water for everyday work and farming.


In addition, Just like Dasrath Manjhi, who moved mountains to build a road in Jharkhand, Nayak carved out a 3-km-long canal, through the mountain. He worked hard for 3 years. This was in 2010. In this area, there was no provision for irrigation. For agriculture, people were depended on rainwater. For daily use, people used to use dirty water from a small pond.


Consequently, Armed with a hoe and a crowbar, the farmer ignored the sneers of his fellow villagers, and quietly dug through the mountainous roads. It was four months before he got any help. His four brothers eventually joined him joined in, and the rest of his village chipped in after the canal was built by the Nayak siblings, with pebbles, mud, and rocks they found near their village.


A Fruitful Endeavor

Furthermore, The canal was finally completed in 2013. And it has helped irrigate over 100 acres of land in Talabaitarani village for the last five years. The villagers do not face any water shortage and are now growing paddy, maize, mustard and other vegetables.

In addition, The old man’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Ashish Thakre, Keonjhar’s district collector, praised Nayak’s grit and determination and said that the district administration would help Nayak and the villagers make the structure a concrete one and possibly build a permanent check dam. Furthermore, The district administration will also felicitate Nayak for his efforts in bringing water to the farms. It sure was a Manjhi moment for Odisha with Daitari Nayak. What do you think about this event? Let us know your opinions in the comments below. Also, check out the story of this man who got fined 2000rs just for giving lift – here’s why.

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