Swiggy Delivery Agent Wins Hearts By Helping An Elderly Couple Contact Their Son

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We frequently encounter articles, social media posts, and films that improve our lives. The internet is a place of happiness for everyone. The internet is going crazy about a recent incident. On Monday, a Twitter user shared a story of how a Swiggy delivery agent epitomized humanity. In Secunderabad, he assisted an elderly couple in “getting in touch with their dear son.” The Twitter handle for the online food delivery service was quick to notice the story. They gave the delivery person appreciation as well.


How The Swiggy Delivery Agent Helped An Elderly Couple?

Saikiran Kannan posted about the incident on Twitter. He shared an incident where an elderly couple took his mother’s help as they couldn’t contact their son for a few days. Saikiran’s mother considered using Swiggy Instamart to send their son some biscuits and juice items. She made an effort to find out if the person Saikiran had mentioned as “Mr. X” was at his house. She also wanted to confirm that he was safe and sound. Saikiran’s mother placed a delivery order to the old couple’s given location. However, when the delivery partner got there, he was unable to locate the correct residence.

The given location was inaccurate. It was 9.15 PM when the delivery partner showed up there. He was praised for his efforts by Saikiran’s mother, who asked her to keep the items for himself. After the failed effort, Saikiran’s mother asked the elderly couple to provide the contact of their son’s friends. Around 30 minutes later, they found the correct location. She then reached out to the delivery partner to ask him if he could go to the right location. The delivery guy agreed to it. Thirty minutes later, Srinath Srikanth, the delivery partner, headed there. He then gave the phone to him and asked them to confirm if he was the person they were looking for. They finally located him.


More About The Incident

Saikiran reveals that Mr. X was involved in a mishap two or three days earlier. He was taking heavy medication and didn’t want his parents to worry. It was 10.30 PM when the Swiggy delivery partner showed up to deliver the parcel. The items that Saikiran’s mother had asked Srinath Srikanth to keep for himself were given to Mr. X by the latter. As a result, Saikiran’s mother asked for Srinath Srikanth’s GPay information and sent him money as compensation. Swiggy rushed to note the delivery partner’s good deed. To appreciate him for his efforts, they searched for information about the Swiggy Instamart delivery.

We occasionally fail to recognize the efforts of delivery executives. They work hard all day to bring us meals. This deliveryman story, though, has nothing to do with food.

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