7th Standard Kid Attempts Suicide To Complete The Blue Whale Challange




The internet has already distanced parents from their children, and now this game named ‘blue whale’ is actually trying to take away innocent children’s lives by provoking them to commit suicide. This game is a trap of 50 tasks, which you can only win if you die! Many cases of suicide took place in the past few months, and yesterday, a similar thing happened in a renowned school in Madhya Pradesh.


He Attempted Suicide In School Premises


According to News, a student of class 7 of Chameli Devi Public School, Indore tried to commit suicide from the third floor of the school building in order to complete the blue whale challenge.


Thankfully, His PT Coach Saw Him


Reportedly, after the school assembly was over, the PT coach Farooq Sheikh noticed a child leaning over the railing of the third floor. Initially, they thought he might be looking for something, but then they noticed his suspicious behavior.


And He Was Saved


His classmates along with the coach ran upstairs and held him tightly. Fortunately, they were able to save him. He was very tensed and was sweating when they caught hold of him. His parents were then called to college.


A Mandatory Counselling Session Was Held


After that, the child and his parents were taken to the Principal’s cabin and counseled. During the talk, the child revealed that he has been playing the game ‘blue whale’ since long, and he was on the final stage of it. The final stage demanded the child to jump from a heightened building.


The Game Took Lives Of Many


This incident took place just after the day a 14-YO boy tried to complete the challenge by attempting suicide in Pune. He left home saying he needs to complete the challenge ‘blue whale’.

Many innocent vulnerable children have become a victim of this dangerous game, but the snag still continues!

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