7 Haunted Objects That Seem To Come All The Way From Hell

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The existence of the evil spirits is a subject to doubt. Majority of people deny such existence. Furthermore, only a few of us believe in these things. However, there are some haunted objects that give a reality check to the existence of evil spirits. Hence, today we have brought you 7 haunted objects that seem, coming straight out of hell.


1. “Hands Resist Him” Painting

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Created by Bill Stoneham in 1972, the painting was sold to the actor John Marley (Jack Woltz in The Godfather). After sometime the actor died and an old couple found the painting . In February 2000 the painting was listed on the auction website EBay. The EBay description stated the painting haunted. Moreover, the characters in the painting come out to reality in the night.


2. The Dybbuk Box

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The Dybbuk box is a wine cabinet that is claimed to have a dybbuk inside it. The owner of the box claimed the box to be haunted and told a series of paranormal activities that happened just after he got the box.


3. Anna Baker’s Dress

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Anna Baker fell in love with a local steel worker and she wanted to marry him. She bought this dress for the event but her father didn’t allow this marriage. To conclude, Anna was so upset that she never married and died as an old maid. The Baker house was turned into a museum and this dress was situated in the museum. However, the dress was seen to be moving and shaking in the full moon night.


4. Busby’s Stoop Chair

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The chair is said to be haunted, everyone has to suffer death whoever try to sit on it. The history behind the chair is interesting. A stripper named Thomas Busby was too passionate about this chair that he murdered his own father-in-law for sitting in it. The stripper was arrested tried, and condemned to death after that. However, he left a curse on the chair. Hence it is known as the death chair.


5. Robert The Doll

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A Bahamian servant who was a practitioner of Black magic gave the 3 feet tall doll to Otto in 1906. The neighbors saw the doll moving. Moreover, they saw Otto conversing with the doll. Otto died in 1974 and the doll is now placed in the East Martello Museum of Florida.


6. The Anguished Man Painting

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The name of the painter is reticent here but the story is not. It was the last painting of the artist. He used his own blood with the paint and committed suicide after the completion of the painting. No doubt, the history of the painting was disturbing but Sean Robinson inherited it and hung the painting on the walls of his house. After that, he started to witness some paranormal activities. He captured the activities on tape and released that over internet. That brought a huge notoriety.


7. Annabelle Doll

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If you have watched the movie “The Conjuring “, then this doll would be familiar to you. It is one of the most notorious haunted objects. In 1970 the doll was given to a student nurse after that the doll showed some strange behavior so they called Ed and Lorraine Warren. The couple pronounced it demonically possessed and placed the doll in their house museum.

What do you thing about these haunted objects? Share your thoughts.

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