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This Incredible Story Of 78-Year-Old Grandma Restores Your Faith In Humanity

Faith In HumanityFaith In Humanity


To show love and compassion, one need not be blood related. It needs a great heart filled with humanity because the person without humanity can’t share his love to anyone in this world.

This story of 78 year old grandma will reaffirm your faith in humanity. Sharing love and caring to one’s own daughter or grand children is easy but showing that same to others needs a great heart that too, to a rescued kid with a terminal illness is something else.

When little Nana was a few years old, Li Xianju of China spotted her in a woven basket near a bridge. The 78-year-old woman fell in love with the little one instantly and decided to give all her love to her who was abandoned by her parents.

However, Xianju, came to know that the girl now 8, was diagnosed with the brittle bone disease which is a rare congenital disorder that jeopardize bones in the patient’s body even with slightest moment or touch, making it susceptible to breaking easily.

Even the regular activities like walking, standing or even eating is difficult for the patient.

Where there is love, there is abundance of happiness and nothing can come in between.




The same happened between the kid and her ‘granny’. Her grandmother became her back bone. She took charge of the kid and has been trying to make her lead a normal life as possible.


She “began to carry Nana on her back wherever they went as the girl found it difficult to walk due to the disorder”, a report by the China Daily said.




The loving granny helps her in school even in the classroom and supports her in doing her homework and also attends class together.



This is truly a story of selfless love. May be because of such people, the world still exists. Isn’t it?


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