Meet SPS Oberoi Who Saved Many Indians From Death Sentence In UAE


It is said that God sends someone on his behalf to help us. This man in the article is no less than a angel! For SPS Oberoi, philanthropy is a way of life. So much that Oxford University had bestowed an honorary doctorate on him for it and appreciated his work.

The 59-year-old businessman, a native of India’s Punjab and is based in Dubai, is in the news again for depositing blood money to save 10 Indians from his home state who faced the death sentence for the murder of a Pakistani man in the UAE.

SPS Oberoi who saves many indians

He puts his annual charity bill at Rs 36 crore, and is known as a saviour not only of Punjabis but of whoever approaches him, particularly in the Middle East or West Asia. Also, he deposited Rs 60 lakh (200,000 dirham) with a UAE court last week and the 10 youths from Punjab would soon be released as the murder victim’s father has agreed to a pardon. Oberio said he has saved 88 people so far.

FREEDOM AT LAST: The youths with businessman SPS Oberoi (C) at Dubai airport shortly before their flight on Monday night.

Sarbat Da Bhala Trust:

Oberoi is expected to bring ten youths back to their homes and give them jobs in the district offices of his social organization, Sarbat Da Bhala Trust. Into construction business in Dubai, Oberoi had moved there in 1992 and later came back to help his family settle in Patiala. His philanthropy is expanding from Punjab — where he runs offices that give out pension and help in getting jobs into Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, where he plans to open dialysis units and crèches, and also donating computers for jail inmates.

Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust

He is known as an astute businessman, who has the Harnam brand of food products. He also dewaters spaces — even parts of the sea — to help construction of buildings in Dubai, including Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. “My business is booming. And the more charity I do the more business profits I earn,” he said over the phone.

SPS Oberoi puts his annual charity bill at Rs 36 crore.

He said he got into philanthropy after seeing conditions of a village in Punjab which affected him. “Many people have no money for food, medicines, or for the education of their children. I am doing very little,” he said.

We need such kind of people! They prove the true meaning of humanity. People like them are no less than an angel. Read another inspiring article,  85 Year Old Teacher In Tamil Nadu Donated Land Worth Rs. 4 Crores – Read Her Story