SpiceJet Pilot Makes A Poetic In-Flight Announcement Which Is Now Viral On The Internet

Spicejet Pilot

Any airline has to provide in-flight announcements regarding weather, temperature, and other onboard amenities. They typically follow a consistent format and the pilot or the head of the cabin crew delivers it during takeoff. Even though they are crucial, flight announcements are frequently boring by their very nature. The airline personnel occasionally use creativity to come up with amusing methods to deliver the in-flight announcements, though. A pilot recently tried to brighten up the proceedings on a SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Srinagar by reciting them in the style of Hindi poetry.


Spicejet Pilot Makes An Unique Inflight Announcement

Spicejet Airline

Your flight trip can be much better with a skilled pilot, and we have evidence to support this. So, an amusing poetic announcement made by a SpiceJet pilot is making the rounds on the internet. It was for travelers on a flight from Delhi to Srinagar. Eepsita, a user on Twitter, posted the now-viral video. “In a @flyspicejet flight from Delhi to Srinagar & omg, the captain killed it! They started in English, but I only began recording later. Idk if this is a new marketing track or if it was the captain himself, but this was so entertaining & endearing!” Eepsita wrote in the caption of her post.

Watch the video here.

She was on a SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Srinagar when the pilot made a hilarious announcement to the passengers. The captain delivered all the necessary information and directives in a poetic, rhyming style. The noise of passengers laughing can be heard in the background, and the clip is too entertaining to miss. The video was posted to Twitter and is currently making people laugh online. Additionally, the airlines also responded to the viral post.


The Innovative Effort Was Adored By Netizens

The video now has a lot of views. The pilot’s talent and uniqueness impress the internet community. Users of Twitter immediately shared their pleasure in the comments area. “This is super good! I want this pilot on international flights too, please,” a user wrote.

Another user commented, “Ultimate! It’s the captain. I remember an Indigo pilot doing something similar a couple of months back.”

Even the airlines acknowledged their captain’s wordplay and reacted to the tweet. They said, “Glad you liked it, Eepsita. Please DM us your PNR so we may share your words with our Captain. Stay #RedHotSpicy.”

When they have to fly by plane, many people also struggle or become anxious. Additionally, to keep them calm and reassure them that everything will be well, they require reassurance or some form of entertainment. At that point, the flight crew pretty much comes to their rescue.

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