Indian Airline Companies Involved In A Funny And Hilarious Twitter Banter

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The majority of the countries in the world are in lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. India is currently in lockdown and apart from essential services, everything is shut down. Many big companies, the aviation sector, the hotel sector, the education sector, everything is closed due to coronavirus. No flights are operating, no trains are running and it is until further notice. With the current situation in India, the chances for an increase in the lockdown are very high. Today, Indian airline companies started trying to pull the legs of their competitors hilariously. It all started with IndiGo, India’s largest private airline when they tagged their competitor Air Vistara and poked them with their tagline ‘Flying Higher’.

IndiGo wrote,

Hey @airvistara, not #flyinghigher these days we heard? #StayingParkedStayingSafe #LetsIndiGo

Air Vistara replied to the tweet and also involved another airline GoAir in the conversation.

No  @IndiGo6E, these days being on-ground is a wonderful thing. Flying would not be the ‘smart’ choice, what say @goairlinesindia? #StayingParkedStayingSafe

GoAir agreed to Air Vistara and involved Air Asia in the conversation with their tagline Now Everyone Can Fly. GoAir wrote,

“Totally, @airvistara! Staying home is the safe feeling! We can hardly wait till everyone takes to the skies, coz at the moment it’s not like #NowEveryoneCanFly right, @AirAsiaIndian?

Then it was Air Asia who joined the conversation and tagged SpiceJet with their tagline Red, Hot, Spicy. Air Asia wrote,

Absolutely @goairlinesindia, for now though, staying at home is the Red. Hot. Spicy thing to do! Isn’t that right @flyspicejet?! #StayingParkedStayingSafe

SpiceJet was not far behind and replied,

@AirAsiaIndian, good to know our thoughts match, like our colours (read red)! Been a while since this bird flew out of her cage. But we’re happy creating a safer tomorrow, today! Right @DelhiAirport”

SpiceJet tagged Delhi Airport in this hilarious conversation, to which Delhi Airport replied,

Agree with you @IndiGo6E @airvistara @goairlinesindia @AirAsiaIndian @flyspicejet, the Indian skies will be coloured with you soon but for now thanks for giving us a reason to smile! Together in the skies, and together on ground too! #WorkFromHub #StayingParkedStayingSafe

At last, IndiGo concluded this hilarious banter with the message of unity.

Stronger to have you with us #StayingParkedStayingSafe #LetsIndiGo

They have shared the message that staying at home during lockdown is the best way to keep yourself safe from coronavirus. Well, this was the hilarious twitter banter and many people replied to them and thanked them for giving everyone the reason to smile.

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