Here Are The Guidelines Issued By Central Government For Lockdown 2.0

Guidelines Issued By Central Government For Lockdown 2.0via

The government of India has extended the lockdown for another 19 days. Lockdown 2.0 started on April 15 and will continue till May 3. India already has close to 12000 cases of coronavirus. PM Narendra Modi has mentioned that there will be strict vigilance till April 20 to monitor every state and district and to ensure that the people are following lockdown. Narendra Modi added that after April 20, there will be some relaxation. As per the reports, the central government has issued the list of new guidelines to be followed during this lockdown extension, addressed as Lockdown 2.0.

Below is the list that contains a set of relaxation to be allowed.

1. People like plumbers, electricians, mechanics, carpenters, etc. are allowed to go for work.

2. Services like courier and vehicles used by e-commerce operators are also allowed.

3. All Medical Shops, Vet Centres, Labs, will remain functional.

4. All the Banks, ATM’s, insurance companies, capital, and debt markets will remain open.

5. Dhabas in the highways are allowed to open.

6. All the shops of fruits, groceries, milk and dairy products, hygienic items have been allowed to function without any time restrictions. But they have to abide by social-distancing.


7. The movements of goods by rails and air will be allowed.

8. The shops selling agricultural machinery will remain open and the inter and intra states movement of such machinery is allowed.


9. Agricultural activities to remain functional. Farming operations by farmers will be resumed on agricultural lands.

10. The construction of roads and building in rural areas have also been allowed.

11. The movement of a person is allowed in case of an emergency but with strict rules. In the case of 4-wheelers, only a person apart from the driver is allowed at the back seat, while the only driver is permitted in the case of 2-wheelers.


Below are some of the prohibitions issued in the guidelines.

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1. Spitting in public places is punishable by a fine.

2. All passenger train services will be suspended, except for only security purposes.

3. Public transport like buses and metros will not operate.

4. All domestic and international air travel of passengers will remain suspended.

5. Sale of liquor, gutkha, and tobacco are strictly prohibited.

6. All gatherings like social and political and religious events are strictly prohibited.

7. All places of religious worship will remain closed for the public.

8. Shopping malls, educational and training institutions, coaching, gyms, pubs, bars, swimming pools, cinema halls, and theaters should remain closed.

9. Wearing masks, social-distancing, sanitary measures are compulsory in all public and workplaces.

10. Workspace has been asked to conduct screening of all employees and they should maintain a gap of 1 hour in between shifts and lunch breaks.

Here is the annexure issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs:


The strict and legal actions will be taken against the people who will violate the lockdown rules. We request everyone to follow the guidelines and take precautions from coronavirus.

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