French IT Company Increased Salaries Of Around 84000 Indian Employees And Grant Allowances

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Due to lockdown, the economy of the country is affecting severely. Many companies are facing major losses. Almost all IT companies have made their employees work from home. There is also a major concern for job loss as many companies are laying their employees off and implementing severe pay cuts. But, among all this, the French IT company Capgemini that has more than 1.2 lakh employees in India has increased the salary of 70% of its Indian staff, or 84000 employees effective from April 1. They have also cleared that the rest of the organization will get increments effective July.


The company is also providing up to INR 10000 cash allowance to those employees who are stranded without paying guest accommodation. They are also retaining its employee on the bench (those employees who are not billable for any project), even without putting the timeline around it.

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Capgemini India CEO Ashwin Yardi said that the employees of the company will get their salary irrespective of client furlong periods and bench time. More than 95% of the employees of Capgemini have been enabled to work from home during coronavirus pandemic. Previously it was 15-20% of employees who were working from home.

Many companies give a time of 2 months to find the billable project and are asked to leave if they are unable to find it. As per the reports, on average, the IT companies have 6 – 8% of their total workforce on the bench.

Capgemini India has set up a 25-million-euro around INR 200 crore benevolent fund, the proceeds of which will be used for medical emergencies for any of the employees who need it beyond their medical insurance or for the family of employees. Honestly, Capgemini has earned a lot of respect for this step.

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