SpiceJet Air Hostess Accuses Airline Of Strip Search In An Offensive Manner – Check Video

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SpiceJet Air Hostess accuses Airline Of Strip Search in an Offensive Manner. Company Claims, it’s a Standard Operating Procedure. A video that has been going viral shows the flight attendants of Spice Jet airlines. Complaining of being strip searched in an inappropriate manner.

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-SpiceJet Crew Members were strip-searched after de-boarding the flight.

-Flight Attendants claim that this search was conducted for a malicious purpose and they have been harassed.

-SpiceJet Official says it’s a Standard Operating Procedure, like the Passengers and the allegation is baseless.

A Flight Member of the low-cost flights in India, SpiceJet Airlines belonging to the Hyderabad Base has accused the Company of conducting a strip search in a harassing, tortuous and inappropriate manner. They said that they’ve been asked to get strip searched for the past few days to add security to the flight crew. In case they were carrying any illegal stuff like money earned from food, stolen items from the passengers etc. But this matter went out of hands when they were asked to even remove their sanitary pads as a part of this search.

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The airlines in this matter say that ‘Pat Down ‘ searches are a general procedure conducted globally in this industry. These searches are taken in a confined room with the well-trained employees of the same gender. This search is a part of standard operating protocol just like any other search that’s conducted with the passenger at Indian airports while going through the security check.

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But What Raises The Question?

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If the claims by the Airlines are true then what is happening in the video that’s going viral?  The Video is shot at the Chennai Airport, there is no confined room seen in it. It shows a group of Air Hostess dressed in their official dresses as well as casuals. Another air hostess in the video is heard saying. ” They were touching me in the wrong manner, I was naked and they made me feel very uncomfortable.” Other Air Hostesses claims that this security procedure is so strict that they’re not allowed to use washrooms right after de-boarding the flight. There are several emails sent by the flight crew to the company for stop conducting strip searches.


Check Out The Alleged Video Below

This is not the first time when SpiceJet has emerged as a controversial matter. But this particular matter is much worse than the rest of the Video. That is been going viral is gaining a bad name for SpiceJet.

So was this article helpful? We hope the woman gets her justice. The life of an air hostess is not easy as it seems. They have to go through a lot of every day. Find out more here.