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Fight of Purabi Mahatovia

It is arduous to ignore the fact that social media is not just a mechanism to stay in touch with friends, or sharing photos, rather in current times it has shifted to being a force for societal transformation, reflecting lights on matters earlier undiscovered or to empower the individuals on the Earth to unite and set the wave for the change in action. Somebody has to take the initiative and fight to make a reformation. This woman, Purabi Mahato goes an extra mile to hunters from hunting animals in West Bengal.


An Unusual Picture On The Social Media

Act of Purabi Mahato

Just a few days back, a picture that showcased a woman being tilted in the feet of a man, while a person from the police force is standing just nearby have been doing rounds on the internet ever since. The picture shared by a Uttar Pradesh Police Officer- Navneet Sikera has a lot more to it than not just a photograph without any conclusion.


An Act Of A Great Hero

Act of Purabi Mahato

The lady who is seen is the picture, is none other than Purabi Mahato, an Additional Forest Officer Of Midnapore in West Bengal. The only urge behind this act was to stop the villagers from going to hunt and not to kill these innocent animals in the nearby forests, as the number of animals is shrinking day by day. Isn’t it rightly said that with absolute conviction, one can achieve everything? So was the scenario with Purabi Mahato, though at first, the villagers took no interest in it but later after experiencing such selfless devotion of the lady officer towards the animals, made them return back to their homes without any animal being made a prey that day.

However, it is not the first time she tried to made them stop, she had tried it earlier at numerous times to communicate to the villagers the adverse impacts of hunting and it’s outcomes, besides to ask them to prevent hunting, but it produced no results. As Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

So was with the lady officer and it was then she relied on this psychological effect to convince them about it, and she accomplished this change in the end. All of us think, but somebody has to get up, take initiative and act to make a change!

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