Pune Installs Tyre Killers Warning To The Traffic Violators And Wrong Siders – Check Video

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Road Accidents are a common news nowadays. Not only the people who aren’t in a sober state but also the conscious people make mistakes being completely aware of the fact that it can cause a hefty damage anytime. road traffic has been an issue in India since forever now and just doesn’t seem to get solved! Not following the traffic rules, not abiding them are just a few things that we Indians are very used to! Now tyre killers will force you to follow traffic rules.


Nobody Follows Traffic Rules

traffic violators beware

Not wearing a Helmet? Parking anywhere? Driving on the footpath? These are just some common things we all do. What we don’t realize is that it’s all fun and games until a big accident sweeps away several lives.

And not only that, just to save a few miles and a little time, we always rush on the wrong side of the road, which is the most common mistake that causes severe accidents.


Pune Traffic Police Finds A Solution

traffic violators beware

It is not possible to have enough police force to watch these mistakes at every turn! Hence, somebody had to come up with an idea. Pune traffic police, for this matter, has come up with a brilliant idea to make those rule breakers learn a good lesson, making Pune the first city in India to take up this step. Introducing Tyre killers, which if you’re moving in the right direction, seems like another speed breakers. However, if you dare to move on the wrong side, these Tyre killers will smash all the tyres of your vehicle!


Tyre Killers Have It Their Way

traffic violators beware tyre killers

Made up with sharp spikes on the opposite side is to prevent the riders from moving in the wrong direction. Although warning signs are put before them, it’ll be interesting to see how many people overlook them just like another sign. No doubt this is a pretty serious step taken against the traffic violators, but this can also cause some crucial damage if it’s an emergency like situation.

Till then, if you think that you could save a little money by taking the wrong side, your expenses to get new tyres are going to be a lot bigger! If this experiment becomes a success in Pune, then the same will be followed by other cities and states.

It’s funny how the government has to take such serious steps to stop the Indians from putting their own lives in danger. But Punekars, you’ve got to be aware of moving on the wrong side!

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