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Sonal Chauhan Shares Benefits Of Practicing Vajrasana In Her New Post

Sonal Chauhan Vajrasanavia

Sonal Chauhan is one of the fittest actresses in the industry. She made her debut in the 2008 movie Jannat opposite Emraan Hashmi. She became a national crush from her debut movie. Recently, she was seen distributing food to needy people. Sonal Chauhan is quite active on social media. The fans call her one of the most humble actresses. Now, Sonal Chauhan has shared a yoga post performing Vajrasana. She looks gorgeous in the yellow bodysuit. In the post, Sonal has also shared the health benefits of practicing vajrasana.


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A post shared by Sonal Chauhan (@sonalchauhan)

In the post, Sonal Chauhan wrote,

“Vajrasana is a popular and simple yogasana, to strengthen our body. According to the proponents of yoga, it is one of the best poses for concentration and meditation.”

Along with it, Sonal Chauhan also wrote a long post describing the health benefits of performing Vajrasana. Here are the health benefits of practicing Vajrasana every day.


1. Good For Our Digestive System

Performing vajrasana helps our digestive system in many ways. It obstructs blood flow to our legs and thighs and increases it in our stomach area, thus improving our bowel movements and relieving constipation.


2. Relieve Gas And Acidity

Vajrasana also helps us to get rid of flatulence (gas) and acidity. It ensures better absorption of nutrients by our body.


3. Relieves Lower Back Pain

It also helps to relieve pain caused by sciatica.


4. Relieves Rheumatic Pain

Performing Vajrasana helps to increase the flexibility of thigh and foot muscles and also the muscles around our hip, knees, and ankles. This helps to relieve rheumatic pain in these areas due to stiffness.

Vajrasana also helps in reducing heel pain caused due to calcaneal spurs and pain due to gout.


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A post shared by Sonal Chauhan (@sonalchauhan)

5. Increase Blood Circulation

Performing Vajrasana increases blood circulation in the pelvis and strengthens our pelvic floor muscles. It is thus useful for women suffering from stress urinary incontinence.


6. Ease Menstrual Cramps

It also helps to ease out labour pains and menstrual cramps.


7. Good Pose For Meditation

Vajrasana is a good asana to practice meditation. Performing breathing exercises in this pose helps to calm our minds and benefit us emotionally.


8. Reduce Stress

Vajrasana reduces stress, improves concentration, and keeps depression and anxiety away.


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9. Protect From Cardiovascular Disorders

It helps reduce stress, blood pressure levels, thus protects us from various cardiovascular disorders.


10. Improves Sleep

Performing Vajrasana calms us and reduces stress and anxiety. It thus helps us in getting a good night sleep.


11. Reduces Obesity

It boosts our digestion and helps to reduce belly fat. It is found to be effective in reducing BMI (Body Mass Index) and obesity.


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A post shared by Sonal Chauhan (@sonalchauhan)

Sonal Chauhan also suggested that not every exercise or yoga can be performed immediately after having meals. However, it is good to perform Vajrasana after meals as it helps indigestion.

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