Steve Smith Father Did This Shocking Thing With His Kit Bag – Watch The Video Here

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Everyone must have till now heard about the recent ball tampering case where three top Australian cricketers- Steve Smith, David Warner, and Cameron Bancroft were involved. This incident has shaken the entire cricket world. Now, Smith father does something which is really depressing and sad to see.

Steve Smith

The whole incident started when Cameron Bancroft was captured on the camera while using a sandpaper for the ball. This created a buzz and the investigation was started. Along with him, Steve Smith and David Warner were also found guilty.


Steve Smith Apologizes For His Act

Later Steve Smith did a press conference and confessed to all the charges against him. He admitted that he did a mistake and even apologized for the same. And, he also took complete responsibility for all that happened and said he blames no one for it. As a result, Steve Smith and David Warner were banned from the Cricket Australia for 12 months while Cameron Bancroft was banned for 9 months.

Smith in Press conference

After all this, people from across the world supported them. Many cricketers like Gautam Gambhir, Harbhajan Singh, and others also raised questions on the ban. People were sympathizing with Smith who was literally crying during the conference. It was really a heartbreaking moment for all the cricket fans.


Smith Father Dumps His Kit In Garage

Smith father

During the Press conference, Steve Smith’s father was standing beside him, supporting his son. Now, in a video on the internet, Smith’s father is taking his kit-bag to the garage. He says about Smith that he’ll be fine and that he’ll survive while talking to the reporters.


Watch The Video Here

It is really shocking and heartbreaking to see one of our favorite’s cricketers going through all this. But many cricketers and fans all over the world are supporting him.

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