What This Golden Retriever Did When He Saw Her Owner Crying Will Melt Your Heart, Watch The Video

Golden retriever comforts crying owner via

We all love dogs, don’t we? I mean we know that dogs are the most beautiful and purest creatures on earth. And we humans did nothing to deserve such innocence. And well if you don’t like dogs. What are you? Alien?Whether it’s a picture or a video, a puppy or a grown-up dog, we can spend hours watching them on the Internet. All breed of dogs like the Golden retriever, Pomeranian, Beagle or any other is equally loved by people.

Golden retriever, beagle and many more

These dogs doing intelligent stuff whether physically or mentally is just an eye candy. It’s the only pet that understands human emotions. And don’t even talk about understanding human emotions, if you have watched Hachiko, Marley and Me or Fall in Love with Pluto, you know what I’m talking about. These dogs and their ultimate love stories with their owner is enough to make us shed loads of tears.

Now to drown you in another pool of love and happy tears is a new video on the Internet that is going viral. Twitter user @ClintFalin shared a video on twitter where a girl is crying pretty bad. And guess who comes in to comfort her? Yes. It’s her dog. Not only the comforting is you think this golden retriever just sat beside her, No. He brought her some tissues to wipe off the sad tears and hugged her to make her feel better. ( Enough to make me an emotional wreck.) When she starts crying again, this dog does endless efforts to stop her from crying. If this isn’t enough to make you go all mushy then, you need to watch the video right now. Seriously.+


Reactions Are Even Cuter

And since this cute video had to go viral just like any other doggo video, people couldn’t stop themselves from pouring out their emotions on Twitter. Both on the URL and on the Social Media the Dog lovers are going crazy like fangirls. Well, we all saw that coming since this video has too much sweetness in it.


1. This Is All Of Us When The Dog Brought Tissues


2. We Don’t


3. This Is All Of Us After Watching The Video

What do you think? If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you waiting for? Now, a dog will also have a luxury life as India’s first dog hotel opens up in Gurugram, Haryana. Click here to read more about the hotel.