Gautam Gambhir Raises Question On The Ban Of Steve Smith Ball Tampering Issue


The Cricket world has been going on and on about this case. Yes, the case of Steve Smith and David Warner on Ball Tampering. The Australian Cricket Board has taken strict action against both the players and banned them from cricket for a year. Every cricket board tries to save their team players by awarding them the least possible punishment. But this action by the Australian Cricket Board was rather strict looking at the fact that both the players are great cricketers. Even Gautam Gambhir raised the question on the ban.

Gautam Gambhir

It is to be noted that Steve Smith was seen applying some yellow stuff on the ball which he took out from his mouth and then kept the rest in his pocket. By the end of the match, Steve Smith accepted his allegations and David Warner agreed that he was aware of this.

Now Indian Cricket player Gautam Gambhir has raised some questions upon the strict actions of Australian Cricket Board. He says that this strict action was taken because both Steve Smith and David Warner raised questions on the rise of Cricket players. Gambhir also paid Sympathy to their family members.


Gambhir Tweets In Support Of Smith

He writes, “Although it’s important that Cricket should remain Corruption free, the Ban put on Australian Players is harsh and Irrational. Maybe it’s because they Revolted against the salary hike. We all know that whenever a someone has raised voice for the rights of these players, the administration has made fun of them. The biggest example of this is Ian Chapel.”

In his next tweet, Gautam writes that ” I feel bad for Steve’s father and his family. I hope that the media and Australian people won’t make them a target of this tragedy. In a situation like this, it’s the Family that gets targeted the most. Anyways being called a cheater is worse than being banned.”

In his last tweet, he gets very emotional. He writes ” Maybe I’m being emotional but I don’t think that Steve Smith has cheated anyone”. He adds, “I don’t know about you but I see a great leader in Steve Smith who can do anything to win for his team and his country. You can raise question his ways but don’t call him a Corrupt person.”

It’s in the pages of history that whenever any cricketer did ball tampering their country’s Cricket Board has been lenient. But, why not the Australian Board? We think that they might come back to the cricket world but this is a big dark spot in their career. Check out some more cases of ball tampering here which left the cricket world in shock.