This Season Of IPL Surprises Viewers With New Rules – Check Them Out

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Cricket’s most awaited league IPL is going to start from April 7. IPL is special every year but this time the 11th season is going to be very special for cricket lovers. The reason for this is the new rules. Yes, this time you will see some rules in IPL that have never been used before. They are all going to make this season even more fun. So, let’s see the 4 new rules that are introduced in this season of IPL. Some of them are similar to Football.


1. Transfer In Middle Of Season

New Rules of IPL

The funniest and unique rule in this season of IPL is that this time players can transfer from one team to another in the middle of the season. Yes, you heard that right. According to the new rules, after the 25th match, uncapped and foreign players can be transferred to another team, as is done in football.

The rules will be for foreign and uncapped players only. Two teams can do this by talking to each other. However, foreign players who have played only 2 or fewer matches can be transferred under this rule. It is not for Indian players.


2. Use Of UDRS

New rules in IPL

UDRS i.e. umpire decision review system will be used in the 11th season. Each team will get a review in one inning and the third umpire will have the technique to make a decision through Ball Tracking and Ultra Edge. So, this is one exciting feature in this season.


3. New Rules Regarding Dress Code

Rules of IPL

This time every team will have two types of Jerseys or dress. But the rules about wearing it are different. The team will wear the first jersey on their home ground, while on the opponent’s ground it will wear the second jersey. Each team will play 14 matches, out of which 7 matches will be played in their own home and 7 matches will be played on the field of opposition. Things like this have happened in football, which will also be seen in cricket.


4. VR Cricket For Users

New rules of IPL

The fun to watch virtual reality cricket is now going to a different level. Many cameras will be added in the match which will be linked to VR technology. This will allow the viewer to experience the match similar to sitting in the stadium. For this, you have to go to HOTSTAR and turn on the VR box.

So, these were the new rules of this season of IPL. We are looking forward to the 11th season of IPL. The cricket world was shocked recently when Steve Smith agreed to ball tampering charges. But this was not the first time. Check out some of the ball tampering incidents that shocked the cricket world.