These Famous Smartphone Brands Failed In The Indian Market

Smartphone Brands Failed In Inda

The Indian smartphone market has witnessed many changes in the past few decades. The new era of smartphones in India started with big names like LG and Nokia, which were slowly overtaken by brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus. Brands are competing hard to stay on top in the Indian smartphone market. Even it takes non-stop innovation, frequent new launches, and of course, the price matters. As a result, many smartphone brands slowly disappeared from the Indian smartphone market. Let’s look at the biggest smartphone brands that are failed from the mainstream Indian smartphone market.


1. HTC


HTC was once a leading brand of smartphones in India. However, However, HTC also fell victim to aggressive competition from Chinese brands. Unable to withstand the high competition, HTC quit the smartphone market in 2019.


2. LG


The South Korean brand LG announced the shutdown of its mobile phone business globally, thus making its exit from the smartphone business globally, including India. As a result, the brand suffers continuous losses for the last five years.


3. Sony

Sony Smartphones

Sony was one of the leading smartphone brands in India in early 2000. The brand managed to build its fan following with its series. However, the Japanese brand couldn’t keep up with the market and finally exited the market in 2008.


4. YU

YU Mobile

Micromax launched a sub-brand YU Televentures, which was a youth-focused online smartphone brand. However, However, YU failed in the market as other Chinese brands came up with higher quality options at a lower price.


5. Blackberry

Blackberry Smartphones

Another victim of rising competition from Chinese companies is Blackberry. Blackberry was once a cult brand. However, the brand could not cope with the new smartphone companies and was doomed with time.

Anushka Jain
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