Airless Tyres, Your Future Cars Will Be Puncture Proof And Will Never Have A Flat Tyre

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Nothing hurts more than getting the tyre of your vehicle punctured in the middle of a highway. The suffering cannot be described in words. Whether you are using a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, the punctured or blown-out tyres can actually turn your happy day into endless suffering. In some rare cases, the blown-out tyres can cause major accidents which also raises the chances of fatal blows. Well, thanks to Michelin company that came out with a new innovation that will eliminate the above-mentioned problem in future. They have brought airless tyres or wheels that will make your cars puncture-proof and will never have a flat tyre.


Airless Tyre System To Avoid Flat Tyre

Airless Wheels Puncture Proof

The company named Michelin invented a new design for tyre that would give it puncture-proof and overall safety. The tires will be airless which eventually makes them puncture-proof. Moreover, it will prevent the tires to get blow-outs and it will also increase the life of the tires. Since this new tyre system is airless, this will eliminate the risk of the tyres getting over-inflation or underinflation.


What Do The Stats Say?

Airless Tyres

According to the company, nearly 200 Million tyres are scrapped prematurely every year. All of this happens because of the punctures and uneven wear.


UPTIS Tyre System

Michelin's Airless Tyres

Micheline partnered with General Motors to introduce the people to a new generation of tyres that are airless. The tyre system is dubbed as ‘Unique Puncture-Proof Tire System’ aka ‘UPTIS’. The tyres are designed with the consideration of today’s passenger vehicles. However, the technology will be carried to future vehicles also.


The Prototypes Are Ready Only The Testing Remains

Airless Wheels

Michelin and General Motors announced that they are testing the UPTIS prototypes in Chevrolet’s Bolt EV. The objective of the company is to get the best of the operating quality from the tire while also providing an apex level of durability. The UPTIS tyre is made from composite rubber and resin-embedded fiberglass. It can bear a car’s weight at road-going speeds.


All Started In 2005

Airless Michelin Tyre Wheels

The project was first introduced back in 2005 however; the execution of the plan was not near at that time. Back in 2014, a new production plant worth $50 Million was introduced just to produce the airless tyres. Currently, the tyres are available for non-passenger vehicles such as farm types of equipment. After satisfactory testing, the airless tyres are expected to hit the market in 2024. As per Michelin, the UPTIS tyres weigh about the same as the standard tyres. Hence, there will be no effect on our comfortable driving.


Stress-Free And Hazard Free Experience

Airless Michelin Tyre

No one wants to stress their sweat out due to flat tyre or punctured tyres while driving. This is definitely going to be the biggest advantage of the airless tyres. Moreover, flat tyres or burst tyres can cause serious accidents on the road. These tyres will definitely eliminate that threat for you.

Well, everyone is excited about the electrical vehicles that will bring a change to the world of automobiles. However, this new innovation will definitely bring a change in a positive way. What do you think about new airless tyres. Tell us in the comments.

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