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12 Signs That Proves Whether A Girl Is Single Or Not

signs prove girl is single

We meet many people every day. A few among them are girls. Some we find very impressive. We try to get closer but than realizes that she is already committed. Although, it is not a big deal it can hinder you next time. Furthermore, you will have a constant doubt in your mind while making the next move “what if she is committed”. Well, today we have brought you 12 signs that will tell whether she is single or not.

1. Excitement In Eyes


We can bet, a girl who is committed will not feel excitement in meeting you, unless you are a celebrity or extremely rich. So if a girl seems excited while shaking your hand she is excited about boys.

2. Chronic Eye Contact


You looked at her and she looked at you, then again and again. It is much of a hint dude now place the cards perfectly.

3. Attention On Every Men


Unlike the “taken” girls, the single girls pay attention to every boy that enters the room. If you find your interest doing this kind of stuff then don’t hesitate to approach her.

4. She Does Not Look Around While Talking To You


One of the main clues, if she is looking around while talking to you, she is probably looking for her boyfriend.

5. She Will Not Find Excuses To Leave Conversation


If she does not leave the conversation in between, then probably she is interested too. There is no doubt about her single status.

6. Loquacious


The single girls are usually talkative. Whenever you look, her mouth is not shut. Majority of chances, that she is single.

7. Looking At Couples With Sad Face


Whenever she sees a couple, she feels desperate and sad. This desperation proves that she is single and looking forward to mingle.

8. Flirting


Admit it, no committed girl flirts with a number of boys daily.

9. Pessimistic Attitude


This is something you cannot figure out until you give her opportunity to speak her mind out. If she says “everything is shitty in this world” or she says “I would like to enjoy home rather than visiting that party as the parties are waste of time”. It means, her single status pisses her off.

10. Never Misses To Capture Attention


If you see someone a little more decorated than the event, it means she never wants to miss the chance to arrest your attention.

11. Friendly To Everyone


Single girls are extremely social but “taken” are selectively social.

12. Not Checking Phone All The Time


She does not check the phone all the time when she is with her friends. This shows either she is single or she has less interest in her boyfriend. Both are the good signs for you.

Despite showing all of these signs a girl can also be committed but it will clear out when you just ask about it. Asking is the best way to find out the clearance of your doubts. If you have any other idea about it, share it in the comment box.


Ravi Dabas
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