10 Stories Of Bollywood That Reveals The Darkest Secrets Of This Industry

Darkest Secrets

The life of the Bollywood stars seems like a bed of roses. Apart from the pleasantness the roses also have thorns. Likewise, the life of the Bollywood stars also has a dark side of it. Hence, today we have brought you 10 darkest secrets of the Bollywood stars. Without wasting much time, let us go through them.

1. Sonakshi Sinha’s Similitude With Reena Roy

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Reena Roy the ex of Shatrughan sinha shares physical similarities with Sonakshi sinha and this resemblance caused a huge havoc in media.

2. Kangana Ranaut Dating Aditya Pancholi And Adhyayan Suman

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Undoubtedly there is nothing wrong in dating them but there is definitely wrong if you date 2 guys simultaneously. Kangna did that unfair stuff and now it is the darkest page in her life.

3. Ranveer Singh Did Physical Favor To Receive A Role

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In an interview with NDTV, Ranveer Singh unveiled his darkest secret, where  he faced casting couch in intial days and was asked for a physical favour by a casting director. When he said an no to the demands, the man started negotiating with him if he can just touch or if at least he can see.

Ranveer said, “Later I got to know what he was interested in. When I said ‘no’, he was heartbroken like a jilted lover.” News Source

4. Racism And Discrimination

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Racism was first discussed by Bipasha Basu and next it was Manoj Bajpayee but later on Dhanush also tossed a hint about that. All in all, after that we had seen many celebrities complaining about the disfavor they are receiving for having dark skin.

5. Ranbir Kapoor Addiction To Drugs

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Every one wonders the life of Ranbir Kapoor is the best desirable one. Born in the Kapoor family with a silver spoon but less of us are aware about the fact that Ranbir had to struggle hard to get rid of his drug addiction.

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6. Rajesh Khanna And Amitabh Bachchan In B Grade Movies


Amitabh and Rajesh sir are the most admired actors of Bollywood. However the most surprising thing is they worked in B Grade Movies despite having amazingly decorated Bollywood career.


7. Infidelity In B Town

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Infidelity is one of the most scandalous secret of Bollywood. From Amitabh Bachchan to Govinda, from Dharmendra to Raj Kapoor a large number of actors were labeled as infidel.

8. Aamir Khan Have A Child outside His Marriage

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Famous for his ingenious acting Aamir Khan has an Ill-Famed past. Jessica Hines gave birth to Amir Khan’s child. However Amir refused to accept that.

9. Shakti Kapoor Casting Couch

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The chronic comedian and ultimate villain, Shakti Kapoor was caught doing some villainous stuff in reality. That was offering a role to a newbie in exchange of sexual favors.  

10. Mahesh Bhatt Wanted To Marry His Daughter

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The entire media was shocked when Mahesh Bhatt stated “If Pooja was not my daughter, I would marry her”. There is only one question remained for the fans, what kind of relation Mahesh bhatt had with his daughter Pooja.

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Browsing through the darkest secret we can find the proof that even the stars remains in the darkness for sometimes. Especially if they are Bollywood stars. What do you think about it? Write your reviews in the comment box.

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