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10 Clues That Proves You Are Dating A True Gentlemen Not A Womanizer

10 Clues



Nowadays, more than 90% of relationships fail and the fun part is that it is still ambiguous, whose fault led to the failure. Moreover it develops a thought for women that men are infidel, womanizers and jerks. Furthermore, sometimes the relationship failure can lead to few serious problems. In order to avoid this kind of fate we have brought you 10 clues that will tell you, if you are dating a gentlemen or a jerk.


1. He Respects You

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Respect is a common word, although it is not common nowadays. If he respects you then he is one step closer to the title of gentlemen.


2. He Knows About Your Expectations

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He knows what you expect from him. Moreover, he never fails to deliver you that.


3. He Does Not Hide You From His Family

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If he doesn’t let you meet his family, leave him ASAP as the dude is deceptive.


4. He Contradicts You But With A Fact

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Now most of you don’t like being contradicted but also you can call a head shaking puppet a gentleman. He can contradict you but with a cogent reply and a smile on his face.


5. He May Get Pissed Off But Turns It Into Humor


No doubt, you can do mistake and sometimes the mistakes are bigger. No matter how much of a gentleman he is, he is sure to be pissed but he buys himself a little time and transits your mistake into humor. Congratulations lady you found a true gentleman.


6. He Always Surprise You

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May be he seems calm but he also gets excited when it is about giving you a surprise.


7. He Respects Everyone

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He not only respects you and his family but also he respects every respectable person. That shows he is not pretending to be a gentlemen in front of you but a true gentlemen in reality.


8. Gallant

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He do know when and how to dress up on different occasions. Now this may seem a bit too flashy but this is what gentlemen do, to look classy.


9. Accepts His Flaws

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No you may consider the gentleman to be flawless but just be realistic he is a man. He makes mistake, he has flaws but he accepts that, rather than blaming you for them. What better can happen to you?


10. Opens Doors And Pull Chairs For You

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The chivalry is one of the best traits of a gentleman. If your man do this then he is a true gentleman or at least he is trying to be.

Going through these clues, maybe the men readers will call it, a henpecked rather than Gentlemen. However there is no shame in opening the door or pulling the chair for the girl you love. If you have any review please do share in the comment sections.  


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