Virendra Sehwag Extends Support To The Family Of A Lynched Tribal Man – Check Out The Video


Virendra Sehwag has come forward to help tribal women from Kerala. He sent a cheque worth more than a lakh through a social service, that will be given to the needed women as soon as possible. This old lady’s son known by the name of Madhu (27) was beaten to death by some people nearly a month ago. He was accused of stealing some rice and other stuff from a shop. The situation of his family deteriorated visibly after the death of accused.



Pictures Were Clicked When He Was Dying


– This incident took place on 22 of February in Palakkad Kerala. A young man accused of stealing was taken to a hideous place on the outskirts of the village, he was tied with ropes and was beaten to death.

– After the Incident its video went viral on the Internet. People were seen clicking pictures while a man was dying in front of them. Police force took him to the hospital soon, but he couldn’t be saved.


He Spent Most Of His Time In The Outskirts

– According to the Reporters, Madhu’s mental state was not correct. He used to spend most of his time on the outskirts and rarely visited his mother and family in the village.

– In the Video, it can be seen that Madhu wasn’t eating properly and he had been hungry for days. Maybe that is the reason why he stole food items from the shop.

The cheque will Reach on 11th of April.

News agency talked to the social worker Mr. Rahul Ishwar who said that Rahul has sent a sum of 1.5 lakh to the poor family, which will be handed to them on 11th of April.

It is to be noted that Pinrai Vijayan has also shown concern about this incident. On Facebook, he posted about it saying ” We live in the society of educated people where an Incident like this has no place, I demand to take strict orders against the culprit.”

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