Remembering Veteran Actor Satish Kaushik Via His Iconic Advertisements

Satish Kaushik Advertisements

The country received heartwrenching news on March 9 when we all heard of the loss of veteran actor Satish Kaushik. Furthermore, to say that his death was one of the most heartbreaking news in the entertainment industry this year would not be so wrong. He left the world with tears after suffering from a cardiac arrest. Satish Kaushik was one of the most versatile beings in the industry. From acting, and directing, to screenwriting, he used to do plenty of things. Apart from that, he was also very generous and did plenty of generous deeds. One of the most revered ones was when he offered to marry Neena Gupta when she was pregnant with Masaba. Today, we are here to discuss some of his iconic advertisements. Let us remember him by looking at this exciting list.


1. Cibaca Top

Kaushik is highly famous for his comic timing. The advertisement of Cibaca Top recognizes it well. Since the 1990s, a commercial for Cibaca Top, a dental company, surfaced. Furthermore, in the ad, Kaushik portrays a confused man about why everyone is chanting Cibaca. What is interesting to note is that this ad has been there since the Doordarshan era.



NECC was a commercial that was about National Egg Co-Ordination Committee. Furthermore, in this ad, Kaushik was seen as a magician who taught children the benefits of eating eggs daily. Check it out if you have not already.


3. Cipla

Via the advertisement of Cipla, we all got certainty that Kaushik had asthma. Furthermore, via this ad for a drug company, Kaushik discredited some of the misconceptions regarding the use of inhalers.


4. Lux CottsWool

Lux CottsWool ad is one of the most loved advertisements of Satish Kaushik. Be it the old or the new one, his comic timing is top-notch. The way he says, “Sardi main bhi garmi ka ehsaas,” is hilarious. Furthermore, the way he corrects his foolish nephew in the older ad and the new ad learns a lesson via him is amusing to see. Check out both advertisements and tell us which is your favorite.


5. Flipkart

In this Flipkart advertisement, we get to see Satish with one of his best pals, Anil Kapoor. What Anil and Satish had goes a long way back. Both these terrific actors have worked plenty of times. Some movies that we could name are Ram Lakhan, Mr. India, and Jamai Raja, among others.


6. Marie

The advertisement for Marie biscuits is one of the hilarious ones. Furthermore, to say that most of the credit goes to the legend Satish Kaushik would not be so wrong. This ad is as old as the 1980s. In addition, the actor plays a home visitor who is drinking tea and Nibbling cookies, looking like a businessperson. However, things take a crazy turn when he ultimately tries to go with a bag full of biscuits but is stopped by the children.

The demise of this jolly person has left not just his family in shock but every person who is a part and follower of the entertainment industry. Sudden death at the age of 66 years is painful for everyone. Mainly if that person used to take away everyone’s pain via his comedic nature. We hope these advertisements help you to remember in a beautiful reminiscing manner.

Which among the advertisements mentioned above is your favorite? Tell us via the comments below. 

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