Here Is What’s Inside INR 1.03 Crore Oscars Lavish Gift Bag?

Inside Oscar's Gift Bag

The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, is currently the talk of the world. While you may know that the winners get a gorgeous award, there is one thing that you may not know. That is that even the nominees are awarded significant prizes. Yes, we are talking about gift bags! Furthermore, you would be astounded to note that these gift bags are worth many a million dollars. Sounds crazy? We totally agree. This tradition of giving goodie bags to the nominees who could not take home awards has existed since 2002. Today, we are here to have a look at the history of the Oscars lavish gift bag and its worth over the past few years. Read on to enlighten yourself.


1. 2023 Gift Bag: ₹1.03 Crore


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The gift bag for the 2023 Oscars was worth about  ₹1.03 Crore. Furthermore, it had 60 items in total. The Oscar nominees got a three-night stay for eight people worth $9,000 (nearly ₹ 7.3 lakhs) in a restored Italian lighthouse. In addition, the bag also includes a $40,000 (Rs 32.7 lakh) getaway to a 10-acre Canadian estate called The Lifestyle, according to Forbes.


2. 2022 Gift Bag: ₹1.1 Crore

The gift bag for the 2022 Oscars was worth about ₹1.1 Crore. Furthermore, it included a three-night stay at a castle (with a complimentary butler), a small plot of land in Scotland along with the title of “Lord” or “Lady,” a voucher for arm liposuction, and $25,000 worth of home renovations.


3. 2021 Gift Bag: ₹1.7 Crore

2021 Oscars Lavish Gift Bag – ₹1.7 Crore

The gift bag for the 2021 Oscars was worth about ₹1.7 Crore. Furthermore, apart from a free vacation to the Pater Noster Hotel, a former Swedish lighthouse also included many other things. Vitamin treatment for hangovers, a 24-karat vape pen, free private training, and liposuction sessions are to name them.


4. 2020 Gift Bag: ₹1.8 Crore

2020 Oscars Lavish Gift Bag – ₹1.8 Crore

The gift bag for the 2020 Oscars was worth about ₹1.8 Crore. Yes, it was more than what was given in the year 2021. Furthermore, as per reports, it included a $78,000 cruise, a stay for eight people at a lighthouse in “La Canaria,” Spain, a $20 million annual subscription to a matching agency, and $30,000 worth of spa services.


5. 2019 Gift Bag: ₹82 Lakh

2019 Oscars Lavish Gift Bag – ₹82 lakh

The gift bag for the 2019 Oscars was worth ₹82 Lakh. Furthermore, it included a deluxe small-ship excursion of International Treks, a yearly VIP membership to MOTA, private sessions with the  Kalliope Barlis for relief from phobias, as well as Yeti Coolers filled with Jarritos. What a throughout Oscar’s lavish gift bag, isn’t it?


6. 2018 Gift Bag: ₹82 Lakh

2018 Oscars Lavish Gift Bag – ₹82 lakh

The gift bag for the 2018 Oscars was worth the same as 2019, ₹82 Lakh. Furthermore, it included a one-week vacation in Hawaii, 12 nights in Tanzania, a rental of an opulent home in Greece, edible jewelry, pepper spray, and sweat patches for the underarms, among other things.


7. 2017 Gift Bag: ₹82 Lakh

Oscars Lavish Gift Bag

The gift bag for the 2017 Oscars was also worth ₹82 Lakh. Furthermore, among other things, it included a three-day mansion accommodation at the “Lost Coast Ranch” in Northern California, a year’s worth of automobile rentals, a lifetime allocation of Lizora Pu-erh Tea Nourishing skin products, and a pelvic exercise tracker.


8. 2016 Gift Bag: ₹1.9 Crore

2016 Oscars Lavish Gift Bag - ₹1.9 crore

You would be more than just shocked to note that the gift bag that was distributed at the Oscars of 2016 was worth ₹1.9 Crore. The most expensive one to date. Furthermore, it included a Nuelle Fiera vibrator, a Haze vaporizer, a 10-day VIP vacation to Israel, a 15-day personal guided tour of Japan, laser therapies at 740 Park MD, and a Vampire breast lift, among other things.


9. 2015 Gift Bag: ₹1.2 Crore

2015 Oscars Lavish Gift Bag ₹1.2 crore

The 2015 Oscar’s lavish gift bag was also of a humungous sum that was ₹1.2 Crore. Furthermore, it included a $20,000 astrological reading, free Silvercar Audi leases for a year, and many other things. $12,500 glamping trip from Terravelo Tours, an $11,500 nine-night Italian holiday package, a Rocky Mountaineer train journey, $4,000 in botox, and a $1,200 Matrone bike are to name a few of them.

Oscars Gift Bag

Be it any category; every nominee receives this lavish gift bag at the Oscars. However, what is interesting to note is that it also includes tax considerations by the receivers. Therefore, many nominees sometimes decide to decline gift bags as well.

Which among these aforementioned Oscar’s lavish gift bags is your favorite? Tell us via the comments below. 

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