Salman Khan Found Guilty, And Jodhpur Court Sentenced 5 Year Imprisonment

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The ultra-popular Bollywood star, Salman Khan was found guilty in the 20-year-old Black Buck poaching case. The Jodhpur court sentenced him five years imprisonment. This is sad news for the fans of Salman Khan and they hope that somehow Salman Khan gets out on bail in this one.


Only Salman Khan Was Found Guilty

Salman Khan

Although, Saif Ali Khan, Neelam, Tabbu and Sonali Bendre were also accused of the crime, however, there was no proof against them. all the celebs reached the courtroom and it was really intense and no one uttered a word. The judge started reading the decision which made the situation even more intense for the celebs. Saif Ali Khan, Neelam, Tabbu, and Sonali were found innocent but Salman Khan was found guilty. After hearing the punishment, Salman could not control his emotions and he wore goggles to hide his tears.


Judge Asked A Series Of Questions

Salman Khan

Things were intense and the judge asked a series of questions but Salman Khan replied in fewer words. Moreover, he kept the answers same for most of the questions. Here are some of the questions asked by the judge.


Salman Khan Said That He Did Not Kill Any Animal

Salman Khan

Judge:  According to forest officer, you chased down two blackbucks before poaching them on the night of 1st October 1998. And Saif Ali Khan, Neelam, Tabbu, Sonali Bendre, Dinesh Gaware and Dushyant Singh were with you. Is it true?

Salman: It is not true.

Judge: The witness Lalit Bora said that there were blood stains on the vehicle which was seized after FIR. And the blood was of Black Buck.

Salman: No it’s a fake report. It is not true.

Judge: Dr. Nepalia was the first one to do the postmortem of the Black Bucks but that was claimed as false and the postmortem was done again which concluded that the blackbuck died because of bullets. What do you say?

Salman: Dr. Nepalia’s report was correct and the second one is false.


Salman On The Back Foot Again

Salman Khan

Judge: The reports say that on the night of 1st and 2nd October 1998, you and other convicts went to Kankani border. There you killed two black bucks with bullets. And when the villagers arrived you fled the spot. Is it true?

Salman: I was there for the shooting of my film. There was tight security. It was impossible for us to go out. Hence, hunting was impossible.

Judge: The villagers found the dead bodies of two male blackbucks from two different locations. What do you say on this one?

Salman: I hadn’t killed them.


Twitterati Trolled

Well, where the fans of Salman were upset, there were many other Twitterati who trolled Salman Khan for this. In a sarcastic way, many said that it was the fault of the black buck for being in the shooting range.

Salman Khan will be taken to Jodhpur Jail and now he has to live the lifestyle of a prisoner. Salman has to wake up early on 5 am and have to follow the rules. He won’t be a hero behind the bars. He will be doing the work that will be assigned to him. There What do you say about this decision of Jodhpur Court? Share your thoughts.

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