Meet Dorrie Jacobson, The Oldest Lingerie Model, She Is Over 80 And Still Do Lingerie Shoots

Aging Doesn't Mean We Should Retire

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It is generally believed that the age maligns the beauty. Moreover, the beauty fades with age. To conclude, we try to hide any aging sign. Be it the white hairs, hair fall or the wrinkles, we try to hide them. Undoubtedly, the career of the models got affected by the age. However, there is an 83-years-old Lingerie Model who proves that age is just a number which does not affect the profession.


Oldest Lingerie Model

Lingerie Model

83-years-old Dorrie Jacobson is an example that the models can look sexy even after the age of 80. She is the oldest Lingerie model in the world. Dorrie is also a fashion blogger. She believes that the models should not spot working even after the age of 70, 80 or 90. Doing this will show what physical changes the body goes through with the age.


Aging Doesn’t Mean We Should Take Retirement

Standing in my old Playboy Bunny outfit on Fremont Street in Las Vegas…at 8am in the morning takes chutzpah, especially when you’re in your 80s. But sometimes women need to push the boundaries of acceptable behavior in order to create change. So here I stand, in my underwear, sporting a bunny tail and ears…telling the world that beauty is not something society is gong to define for us anymore. Women’s allure is not defined by a number. We are beautiful at every size, and at every age, and we will wear what we like, regardless of our number….and we will wear it boldly and beautifully! #ageless #playboy #style #bodypositivity #vintage #playboybunny #ageisjustanumber #agelessbeauty #bodypositive #girlpower #seniorstylebible #83andglam

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Dorrie believes that the society is changing and it is all about breaking the stereotypes. She says that aging doesn’t mean we should take retirement from our work. Dorrie has worked for Playboy and she is quite popular as a Fashion Influencers. Likewise, any lingerie model she is quite active on social media. She runs her own Instagram account which is named as “Senior Style Bible”.


Women’s Body Doesn’t Have an Expiry Date

In one of her posts she wrote, ‘At 83, I think I’m probably the oldest playboy Bunny left standing. When I launched the Chicago club with Her back in 1960, I knew I was witnessing something very special, but I never expected it to kick start the s*xual revolution. Now 58 years later, I’m putting my “bunny ears” back on and kick-starting another revolution. One, that redefines aging. It’s time for old broads to show the world that women’s body doesn’t have an expiry date.”

What do you say about this 83-years-old Lingerie Model? Isn’t she inspirational? Or she should stop it? Share your thoughts in the comments. Also, check the age eternal youth family of Taiwan and check the secret behind their age-defying beauty.

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