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These Rules Of Live-In Relationships Everyone Should Know

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People in India are not still clear and open about the concept of live-in relationships. People are in confusion regarding them. While the Supreme Court has now validated the live-in relationships. But Sanjay Mehra, an advocate of the MP High Court, says that there are many things still to clarify about live-in relationships with directives coming in different cases of Supreme Court and High Court.

Rules of live-in relationships

Although, there is no law yet some things are clear regarding live-in relationships which a couple in live-in gets. Like, if a person has an extra-marital affair, it is not considered in the category of live-in relationships. So, check out these 5 rules of live-in relationships which you should definitely know about.


1. Extra-Marital Affair Not A Live-In Relationship

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As we told you above, a person who has an extra-marital affair i.e he/she has an affair with someone even after marriage, will not be considered in a live-in relationship.


2. Live-in Relationships Are Not A Crime

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Living in live-in relationship with your lover or partner is not a crime. According to Indian Law, live-in relationships are valid and not a crime.


3. Child Has Right To Property

rules of live-in relation

If while living in a live-in relationship the couple gives birth to a child then that child is a legitimate child. The child has full right to the property of his mother and father. The property of father and mother are both the child’s also.


4. No Legal Procedures For Separation

Rules of live-in relation

If a couple who is living in a live-in relationship decided to separate then they can do that whenever they want. No legal procedures, like in case of marriages, are required to separate.


5. Woman Can Ask For Property After Husband’s Death

Rules of live-in relationship

If the husband or the male partner dies while the couple is living in a live-in relationship, then the woman or the female partner can claim for a part of his property.

These were the 5 rules about live-in relationships which must have given you a better understanding of the concept of these relationships. Indians still consider them as a taboo even though they are validated by the Supreme court. Reading about interesting things? Well, ideas for long distance couples will help you to maintain your relationship fit.