This Boy Is Super Flexible And Is Called Rubber Man Of India





This 16-year-old boy from Ludhiana named Jaspreet Kalra has been called Rubber Man or Boneless man since he has shown how flexible his body can be. He is a student at Arya Model Sr. Secondary School in Ludhiana. Because of his unbelievable talent, he is quite known in his school and surrounding area. And now, in the whole world. This boy can turn his head 180 degrees back and not only this, he can do this with his torso also.

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He has  this so flexible body that he can dislocate this both the shoulders, completely. But, the more surprising fact is that he was not born with this, instead, he is learning yoga from the age of 12. At the age of 14, he saw a video of Daniel Browning Smith which is a cartoonist and got inspired by him.


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So, his daily routine was watching his cartoons and then with lots of practice, he became super-flexible.

Jaspreet can rotate his hand to 360 degrees and also can bend his complete body front and backward.


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He is entitled as Boneless Man in the Limca Book of Records and entitled as Rubber Man in the India Boom of Records.

In the included video, you can watch his full story.



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