The Reason Why This Dog Looks To Be Grieving Shocks You

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Gone are those days where people pamper cow. In olden days, you can see a cow in every house. But now, you can see a dog in most of the houses. Animals are the ones which show true love. If you love some person, there are chances that you will get betrayed.

But, if you show the same love on any animal, it sacrifices its life to protect you.

People have several assumptions when they see some photo or video.

When people saw the photo of this dog that took up residence at their deceased owner’s grave site, people assumed that the dog was grieving her devastating loss.


However, one woman named Vesna Mihajloski got curious about it and decided to look deeper into this seemingly sad story.

And what she uncovered is something that you can’t believe.  

The photo you see became an internet sensation on Facebook in 2015. The dog, located in Serbia was nestled in her owner’s grave as a way of grieving. The German Shepard had created her own little den atop of the grave site. The dog was spending all of her time there including sleeping there overnight.


According to Vesna Mihajloski’s investigation, it’s revealed that this dog wasn’t grieving at all.

The mother dog had delivered a litter of puppies and then had created a safe den for them over the grave of her owner.


The mother dog had been struggling to provide for her newborn pups as she couldn’t find much access to food or water.


Animal rescuer Vesna took the dogs into her home and started nursing the puppies. Both the mother dog and puppies started receiving the care that needed.  And the puppies and their mom began looking plump and healthy again.


What Vesna did shows her kind heart. More than 6 million dogs are left homeless or abandoned every year. So, if you ever come across a stray dog, then please contact your local shelter.

Everything you see, everything you hear is not true always. These days, many fake news is becoming viral on social media and having assumptions, misinterpretations in those news spoil inner peace.

Isn’t it? Share us in the comments. Pregnant women were asked to give up her dogs, and the reply from her is adorable. And there is world’s biggest dog lover too.

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